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Why Do You Homeschool?

Updated on February 23, 2012
Exploring science in a bubble at the EcoTarium
Exploring science in a bubble at the EcoTarium | Source

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get about homeschooling.

Everyone chooses to home educate their children for different reasons. Ours is because we like the idea of child-directed learning.

Learning is Natural

Learning is natural and should be fun. We want to give our children the support they need to follow their innate curiosities and explore the world with an open-mind.

Freedom & Family

In addition to giving our boys the freedom to learn, we feel strongly about keeping our family connected and doing things together to provide the love and nourishment a growing human being needs.

This year, our two sons are old enough to be at the third grade and kindergarten level, though they both exceed the learning skills of their age appropriate educational tier.

In addition to teaching from books and workbooks, we enjoy cooking, drawing, researching, attending presentations at the library and visiting museums. Everyday also includes a physical activity, the most popular at this time are dodgeball, basketball, kickball, and swimming.

Building a Homeschool Curriculum

Every year, my husband and I custom build our children's curriculum based on their current interests. We've read many homeschooling blogs and Amazon book reviews to find the books needed to guide the upcoming school year.

The school year often diverges into one direction or another following a new interest or desire for deeper understanding of a particular subject studied, so in addition we take full advantage of the multitude of resources available online to supplement our children's educational needs.

History & Language Art Home Education Series

Below are two series that are highly recommended for the subjects of history and language arts. We have been using them for our first three years of home education.

Do You Homeschool?

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Learning at Home FAQ

  • Do you have to follow a standard curriculum?
    The short answer is you can, if you'd like and there are many out there to choose from, but we have found that custom building our own has allowed us to truly cater to our children's interests, which helps keep them engaged in their own education.
  • What about socialization?
    Homeschoolers have the opportunity to get out more and socialize than their peers in school who interact with the same teacher and same group of children all year long. In addition, there are many local homeschooling groups in our area that get together and offer opportunities for shared learning and social interaction.
  • Can your kids play sports?
    At the elementary level, many sports teams are organized by the town, so it is not a problem. At the high school level, it is up to the school. We are fortunate that our local school system has offered both the educational resources available and the opportunity to participate in school sports.
  • Does your child have to take standardized tests?
    No. Standardized tests are given to rate the school system, not the children. Regular testing is optional, our children entertain the idea and enjoy quizzing their minds.

Why Do You Homeschool?

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    • sadie423 profile image

      sadie423 5 years ago from North Carolina

      We customize our curriculum for our kids too, and I tend to write our science and language units myself and buy math and history. Great hub!

    • veggie-mom profile image

      veggie-mom 5 years ago

      Thanks so much Susanm23b! Looks like we are both pretty new to HP & have some similar interests, I look forward to checking out more of your articles!

    • profile image

      susanm23b 5 years ago

      Great hub! I homeschool also and think it is the best choice for my family. Up until my children were in high school, I wrote all of my own curriculum also. I have two in high school now so I purchased some curriculum and made some myself.

      It sounds as though you are really enjoying the experience as I have. My children and I have done so many incredible projects and activities together. Homeschooling really brings a family together :) Voted up!

    • veggie-mom profile image

      veggie-mom 5 years ago

      Thanks thebookmom, I think so too :)

    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 5 years ago from Nebraska

      How cool that you work together to educate your kids, I love that. Sounds like they love it too :)

    • veggie-mom profile image

      veggie-mom 5 years ago

      Thank you thebookmom! Homeschooling has been a wonderful experience for all of us...I do most of the curriculum research and the writing of proposals and progress reports, but my husband is the one who does the majority of the teaching. He is a full-time SAHD and has done an incredible job with the day to day tasks of our children's home education. I get to come home from work everyday and hear about the incredible things they have learned from him and each other...Yesterday, each of them gave me an oral presentation on their favorite animal (platypus & siberian tiger), it was fascinating!

    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 5 years ago from Nebraska

      Fantastic hub! I love the way you describe your personal reasons as well as explain how and why you set up your own curriculum. My favorite part is the question and answer section at the end. Really well written. Hope your year is going great.