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Why Does It Do That - Why Does Your Stomach Growl

Updated on April 1, 2016

I'm Hungry

I was freshly awake this morning, and I noticed a building pain in my stomach area. I thought to myself my stomach is going to growl any minute. I was right. All of a sudden, it started to emit a fierce whining sound.

Why does your stomach make that noise? It's already evident that I am hungry, so why do I need the reinforcement? Is it to prove to others that I am currently in need of refreshment? Granted, it is eight-thirty in the morning and I normally have had my morning coffee and a breakfast sandwich of some kind by now and by eight o'clock I start thinking about a mid morning snack - and more coffee.

The Growl

According to Google, if you type why does stomach growl in the search bar, you get about 206,000 responses. Mostly by people wondering if it is alright that their stomach makes noise. What causes the noise?

It's caused by peristalsis, or muscles that move the contents of your intestines. Earthworms use peristalsis to move around, but our intestines are hollow and earthworms are solid. The food or liquid moving around causes the noise.

If You Do Have Problems

Yes. If it is not the normal gurgling, you could have something more serious. There are allergies to certain foods that cause other ailments.

Consider Celiac Disease. This is a sensitivity of gluten. It is often overlooked by doctors or, if the subject is brought up, is generally ignored. Wheat, oats, barley and rye are the general ingredients that create this condition. In them, gluten is prevalent. Eliminating these from your diet will create a difference in your growling, supposedly.


Some people suffer for years without looking into the issue. There is a website that I have found today that helps with information on the subject. It's the IFFGD.


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