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Why I Joined A Fraternity

Updated on March 5, 2017
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Colin Wattonville is a business student at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, with a background in marketing, entrepreneurship, & finance.

Pike Mansion Omaha, NE
Pike Mansion Omaha, NE | Source

To go Greek or not to go Greek? That is one of the questions all college students face. I battled with that question my entire first year of college. I eventually made the decision to rush the first semester of my sophomore year. The Greek system at my college was rather small and consisted of only four fraternities and four sororities. Waiting a year to rush allowed me to witness all of the fraternities as an outsider. I got to hear things about them all through events on campus as well as other students. After a year of watching from the sidelines, I already knew which fraternity I wanted to join. I made my decision based on the reputation and social status that particular fraternity had, as well as the types of guys in the chapter. I could tell that they were the types of men I wanted to be around; they embodied the qualities I strived to possess. This fraternity also had the best comradery out of the four; I always saw members together with their brothers around campus laughing and having a good time.

Greek Alphabet
Greek Alphabet | Source

The first aspect that influenced my decision to rush was the idea of brotherhood that I knew came with fraternities, especially this one. After attending an all-guys high school and working in a male-dominated meat department at a grocery store, I had already become accustomed to the special bonds that guys form when around only each other. There’s just something about that environment that I thoroughly enjoyed. Whether you're with a group of guys tailgating for a game, doing a fundraiser, need some input for difficult decisions, or need someone there for you when you are going through a tough time, you can always count on your brothers to be there right by your side.

In addition to always being by your side and having your back, your fraternity brothers also hold you accountable. Grades. Philanthropy. Being a gentleman and overall good person. Your brothers always want to see you succeed. There are leadership positions and rules within the chapter to help keep you on track by ensuring that you are doing service work, keeping up with grades, and being involved in other organizations on campus.

Continuing with the notion of involvement, a fraternity is also great because is allows for an exceptional opportunity to Increase your social circle and meet new people. After I joined my fraternity, I realized that I instantly had access to 150 of the best, most successful men on my campus. These individuals also have a very large outreach on campus. It is not rare for men in a fraternity to also be involved in—and hold leadership roles in—other clubs at school. On top of all this, fraternities frequently have exchanges/mixers with the sororities at the college, introducing you to even more highly-motivated individuals. As if that wasn’t enough, you also get to meet those that have come before you; most Greek organizations have a very large alumni network. In fact, 85% of the executives of Fortune 500 companies and 80% of United States Presidents since 1900 were members of Greek organizations during their time in college!

Lastly, joining a fraternity helps you develop as a person. Integrity is highly valued as you learn and hold close the secrets of your fraternity. You quickly learn what it means to truly be a part of something greater than just yourself. Joining a fraternity builds your confidence by encouraging you to become more involved on campus, as well as within the fraternity itself; becoming more socially confident and outgoing is another byproduct. Perhaps the greatest way in which fraternities develop the men that decide to join them is how they shape young men into leaders. A fraternity has a powerful influence on not only their school, but also their community. This influence is made visible by the men who make up the fraternity, who hold each other accountable, encourage good habits, and push those around them to strive for their best.


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