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Why I Write On Topics Relating to the Law of Attraction

Updated on May 8, 2013

Aside from my enthusiasm on these topics, writing about them reminds me of the information I have acquired during the past couple years. It really helps me to see it all from new and different angles. There was a period of time when I would spend hours a day glued to YouTube or DVDs, watching Abraham-Hicks content. I enjoyed it as I would enjoy drinking water by the poolside on a hot summer day. I was so drawn to it, fascinated by it, and consumed by it, that I found that I had little time to practice the exercises taught because I couldn't do them while I was listening to it.

I have found that the most natural environment to apply principles of thought is when sitting quietly or laying down. I am one who loves to lay quietly and get lost in my thoughts. I remember sitting in the backseat on long car rides with my family. In one aspect, the drive was the golden nugget for me because I would get lost in thought. I would imagine scenarios and play them out in my mind. What I didn't know back then was the importance of how you feel when you are doing this. Mind you, this is far before hearing anything about the law of attraction or Abraham or reading any motivational or success books. I was a teenager, and a dreamer.

Dreamers often don't have a strong reputation. We're sometimes soft, sometimes we act out, and most of all, people tend to not take us seriously unless we have exhibited early on that we carry out our ideas. Honestly, I didn't take myself seriously, either. When I would escape to my fantasies of possibility and idealism, it was immediately followed by a sad feeling of hopelessness. I couldn't see those things being translated into physical manifestation. There was a melancholy feel about it, and I had somehow found comfort in that very feeling.

Fast forward about ten years, and I began learning about philosophies and principles that felt native to me. They made sense, and I understood their validity. After a few years of giving myself a chance to adapt to the simplicity of the processes, there came a time when I felt a good deal of hope for everything I had ever wanted. I became overwhelmed with appreciation for everything I had and I began to feel the thrill of anticipation and expectation during my dreaming. It felt exhilarating, and actually felt emotionally overwhelming. It was beautiful.

The things that I easily managed to manifest from that period must be attributed to this breakthrough. When I began immersing myself into the philosophies and science of the law of attraction, I missed having that time alone in silence, quietly practicing the simple exercises I had learned from Napoleon Hill, Abraham, Jack Canfield, Deepak Chopra, and Rhonda Byrne.

Now, I dedicate less time to listening to and reading teachings. I spend about an equal portion of time in meditation/practice (or prayer-however you like to call it), and lastly, I like to spend time writing about what I have learned and experienced. Writing is really the best way for me to refresh the information in my own mind, and it has a natural way of jogging my memory about practices that had temporarily slipped my mind. It also causes me to focus on these bits of knowledge at times when I have different or new things on my mind. I am then able to immediately apply those philosophies and practices to the topic at hand, be it something I had been thinking about earlier in the day, or something that just popped into my mind. The more you can trust this process, the more your intuition and instincts will serve you well. This is really part of the beauty of it all: when you realize that none of this starts and stops; rather, it is all intertwined with each other- the learning, the applying, the teaching. It is all part of one great process.


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    • local connection profile image

      local connection 3 years ago from USA

      Thank you, ddpaladiya!

    • local connection profile image

      local connection 4 years ago from USA

      Thank you CloudExplorer and vertualit for your support :)

    • vertualit profile image

      Abdus Salam 4 years ago from Bangladesh

      Excellent hub. thanks for sharing...

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      I enjoyed reading your article here about Attraction, and learned how you handled many differing moments of a mental occurrence to you, and as you been paving your way through this life.

      'Very interesting way to express your love for writing, nice job and welcome to the hubpages community. You will do well here for sure, as long as you keep writing and stay away from any negativity that is sure to come up from time to time. Good luck!

    • local connection profile image

      local connection 4 years ago from USA

      Thank you, Zubair Ahmed.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 4 years ago

      Interesting hub topic thank you for sharing. I also find myself immersed in my own thoughts on long journeys.