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Why Is It So Hot? Ocean and Environmental Disasters

Updated on February 28, 2021
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Snapshots of the evolution of environmental and work safety regulations and the reason why.

Casualties Of Ecological Disasters

Our beautiful garden, destroyed in less than a week by drought and un-real heat. (2012)
Our beautiful garden, destroyed in less than a week by drought and un-real heat. (2012) | Source

The Air Conditioner Filter was Clogged

This is going to be a short explanation as to why many places on the globe are experiencing record breaking heat waves. The News agencies are not saying much about it. Real Environmental Scientists are keeping quiet, because it is not good. It is one thing to say, "a few more days, and the temperatures will be dropping". It is another to say, "There is no end in sight for increasing temperatures."

On April 20, 2010, when the DeepWater Horizon was extracting a drill bit from an exploratory insertion, it is probable that a spark was caused as the bit came through a natural gas pocket. The proceeding explosion took the lives of 11 humans. When the explosion occurred, all that was left, was a gaping wound. There was no pipe to plug or cap. As a student in Geology/Environmental Geology, this was a topic highly discussed in our Environmental Geology class. We all knew the implications, and probably none of us have discussed this with anyone outside of Scientific circles.

I remember my feelings as I read a book published by a brave woman; "Writing In an Age of Silence: 2007" by Sara Paretsky. I wrote her personally, advising her to keep a high profile, as she wrote about things that Americans were in terror to say out loud. If you disagreed in any manner with the Administration 2002 - 2009, you were considered an enemy combatant. Those who openly admitted they were not of this Administration's Party, were shunned and called evil. Thankfully that time is gone, but there is a residual effect on the 4th Estate.

During the Dark Years, 02 - 09 mainstream News Agencies were bought and sold. Today, most Media outlets are owned by big energy. In our State, the same Power behind the Fayetteville Shale Project of Natural Gas Extraction, owns all of the Newspapers. The 4th Estate, the other balance of powers in the U.S., no longer exists. There has been a big push by environmentalists to urge the U.S. Senate to pass The Clean Energy Act. In times past, when "The Fairness Doctrine" existed, there would have been equal ads, equal speech and opposing views in Letters to the Editor. Those times are gone.

Big energy has been so used to buying everything they want, that they have been able to buy chunks of words that cannot be accessed by a normal Google Search. One day a few weeks ago, (July 2010), all references to Natural Gas Extraction by Fracking were removed from Google. The only thing you could find was "frack" used as an alternative to the "f" word. They are back, but information has been manipulated. Whenever Lilly posts a blog or Hub Page article concerned about the environment and Clean Energy, my pages are filled with ads promoting drilling, and natural gas extraction. Funny.

NellyVevo, "Hot in Here" YouTube

Dead Zones in The Gulf

Update June 2015

The cycles of global oceanic tides from the Gulf of Mexico to the rest of the world are about 3 year cycles. Our globe is over heated, and Earth needs to be cooled down. Lilly wrote the article, nearly a year later, she already knew what was coming. She took precautions to keep from being used to cooled air. This heat we are experiencing is deadly. Our ground water is hot, the earth is hot.

In the atmosphere, our cyclonic winds that worked well and in conjunction with the Ocean tides, were what cleaned and cooled our oceans currents (waters), through the "scrubbers" of the Gulf Coast; the Wetlands. Now they are off kilter, and damaged. We have less fresh air, less clean and cool water.

Humans may or may not be the cause, but it can not be healthy for human survival that we are removing trees and mountains at a rate that cannot be sustained square footage of our Globe's crust, for fuel... It feels like eating our tail.

Our greed for energy will stop one day. If there are survivors, they will once again love the Earth. She will do for those who honor and respect her. We will come in harmony with our habitat, or we will not survive. Our society stands as one giant connected i-pod™, or Smartphone™, who could not consider life without broadband. To our destruction we will demand fuel.

Peace and cool breezes to you all. July 24, 2011 100+ degrees. 8 /6/ 2011, still 100+

Peace, rain and cool breezes to you all July 25, 2012 102 degrees Record Hot Year. The ground water is so warm, it would like as not cool a nuclear cooling tower...

Five Years Later - BP Oil Spill - MSNBC

Too Many Have Ignored the Damage Done by Pollution

For too many decades, regulators and industry pretended that whatever pollution or damage was done to the Earth, only happened in that area alone. Nothing else was affected. We all know as a fact, that everything we do has a ripple effect. The extent of our ripples is one that most people do not want to acknowledge. If we humans will admit it, we refuse to change our lifestyles. We want what we want, and we want it now, and we want it faster. Humans around the world have been kept up to date on the Gulf Oil-Crisis, all of us wanted the gushing oil to stop. Most humans are repelled by the sight of oil soaked birds, dolphins floating belly up, and the probability that we will no longer be able to harvest food from any set of waters.

Our waters have been viewed by Industry as garbage bins for toxic-waste by-products. A little here, a little there has turned into tons per hour, along each River and major tributary. In the U.S., many waters flow into the Arkansas River, the Mississippi River and Embayment. All of this toxin, drug-filled water drains into the Gulf of Mexico. Add a billion gallons of oil, sprinkle with Corexit and you have a gloppy bowl of poison, that must be labeled as a Superfund site. Present U.S. law and tax code, leaves an opening for the responsible parties of a toxic disaster to abandon their property, get a tax write off - then leave most of the financial burden of clean-up to U.S. taxpayers. (link below)

Last summer (2009), I took a Senior level Weather Investigations, and Oceanography course. In these courses, we had 12 Chapters of Topics. We linked to NASA (National Aeronautics & Space Agency), AMS (American Meteorological Society), NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). We had a textbook, and a workbook, and on-line capsules to complete each chapter. It was here that I learned how vital the Gulf of Mexico is to the entire Globe. The Gulf of Mexico is the biggest Wetland in the world. A wetland (link below) is like a giant filter for any given area. It filters water, using bacteria to break down nasties, cleaning water and improving Air Quality for that area. Our global Air Conditioning filter is clogged.

The waters, ocean currents and air currents at the Gulf of Mexico, are an important stopping and starting place for all ocean water, and all air currents. We are only seeing the oil and maybe hearing about problems being caused by dispersant use. There are multiple issues at work that are complicated, and can be found in scientific journals. Links are provided below to help, should you want to investigate further.

So, they mostly stopped the gusher in the Gulf, but it is only the tip of the melted ice cube. Because the Air Conditioner Filter is clogged, many chain reactions are happening. I have not wanted to write about this, because I do not want to cause a panic. People need to know how important our Earth and Eco-systems are. For decades in the U.S. the Energy Industries have become so powerful that no one can stop them in the regulatory arena. They always show up to public meetings, they always have hundreds of responses to requests for Public Comments during rule-making. When it comes to regulatory matters, Americans mainly are too busy playing Farm or War games to get involved. So be it.

There is only one way we can change the way Industry treats the earth, and this is via Consumerism. If there is no demand for oil, there will be no more drilling. If we learn to use passive solar energy, wind and hydro energy we can change the entire economy and they way it operates.. We are living in Lulu world when physicians make people sicker with pharmaceuticals, environmental agencies fight against citizens, but for polluters. Elected officials have come to believe they and their Big Money backers are the ones to be served, and not the People.

Why is it so hot? When will we get relief? - Please find out the answers for yourself, and take some kind of action - please...It's getting Hot in here.

Clouds Do Not Look Like They Used To (2015)

March 2015 - Colorized to show the strangeness of the clouds today
March 2015 - Colorized to show the strangeness of the clouds today | Source

Five Years After Deepwater Horizon

As of today, there have been tons of crude oil and other toxins spilled into our global waters. We are not treating our habitat well.

We are going to have to get off the oil, and rethink energy use.

One of the newest subliminal messaging to go around the world is that we are over-populated, and do not have room for all of the people on our globe. I beg to differ. We have room for people and animals, but we do not have room for more vehicles, planes, boat, and space ships.

It is very, very hot. High temperatures have continued since that fateful spring of 2010, world wide, toxins, spills and man-made disasters have continued to decimate wild life and their habitats.

BP Oil Spill:Criminal Negligence, Thousands Sick, Graveyard Left Behind

BP: $30 Billion Blowout - 2010 Gulf Disaster Buried By the Department of Justice

Extinction Protocol - Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico (2013)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Lori J Latimer


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