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Why Preschool Is a Vital Part of Early Childhood Education

Updated on September 29, 2017
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Matthew is a writing junkie in his 20's. He's from Nigeria, West Africa.

Preschool education is simply a group experience for children prior to entrance into the primary grades of elementary school. It usually refers to the education of boys and girls from ages three to six or seven. It a very vital part of a child’s education, yet, many parents are still skeptical as to whether their child should enroll or not enroll in preschool. It surely has some significant and positive effect on any child who enroll in it. Here are some great reasons why preschool is a vital part of early childhood education.

1. It Aids the Child’s Social Stability

It is generally recognized that early contact with other children helps the child’s social development. Preschoolers at a very young age would have the opportunity to constantly meet with other young folks like them; hence, relating seamlessly with other people of their age range would become a norm to them. In essence, they’ll see no mystery behind socializing and this will certainly be helpful for them in their subsequent schooling years.

2. It Aids the Child’s Preparation for a Life-Long Learning

There’s a brain research that shows that the first five years of life has an impact on the child’s learning ability in subsequent years. As a result of this, the wiring of the brain is done long before children’s formal learning in school. The mind’s growth during early childhood is just amazing. It aids the child’s increasing learning ability and supports further cognitive growth, giving them access to the knowledge of others and enabling them to share their thoughts and learn more. Consequently, teachers are inevitably impressed with the fantastic imaginative ability of those students who attended preschool. This is why it’s important to take advantage of the amazing growth of the child’s mind by enrolling him or her in preschool.

3. It Is a Great Choice for Two Working Parents

Families with both parent working most often rely on, grandparents, or other relatives to care for the children less than five years of age while they’re away at work. This development clearly affirms the need for preschool. Without a doubt, it’ll be difficult to put a five year old child alone in a house under no adequate care. This is where preschool comes into play. It wouldn’t only provide this; it’ll put the child in the best atmosphere both educationally and socially. Thus, the child’s time in preschool, away from the parents, will be greatly utilized.

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    • Angel Guzman profile image

      Angel Guzman 5 months ago from Joliet, Illinois

      Sound good to me. My son is in pre school now and he's learning so much :)