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Why Study Math

Updated on December 17, 2012

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Learning math in an educational setting is a unique opportunity to learn and practice a life skill that will repeatedly come into use for the rest of the student’s life.Although all subjects in school are relevant in life to some degree, math is a little more special in this sense for several reasons.

Math is extremely practical because numbers are used countless times by every person every day.Money, miles, page numbers, grades, speed limits, and time are only a few examples of areas in which numbers are used.Without a solid working knowledge of math principles, it is extremely difficult for a person to function in today’s society.

Many people argue that beyond basic math, there is no use for the study of mathematics. However, the study of higher math also is important. The houses people live in and the buildings they work in were designed by people who understood complex math. Studying subjects such as Geometry or Calculus provides a foundation of logical thinking and reasoning skills that will apply to all aspects of life and contribute to having a well- rounded personality.

I have heard many people who say, “I hate math!” Math is not a subject that people feel neutral about. They have had either a positive or negative experience with it. I find that most people who hated math never really learned it in the first place. No student should coast through one of my math classes without learning. Sometimes a student with weak math skills will be “pushed through” until he is so far along that he is completely over his head. These students need help to develop those beginning skills before moving on to more complex skills.

If nothing else, studying math should cause a student to think. This is a positive thing no matter what the means. Because students in my class will be encouraged to think, calculators will not be used for mundane calculations. Some topics will require the help of a calculator.

Whatever part of math we are studying, it is important for me as a teacher to make it enjoyable. The majority of people who do like math have had a teacher at some point that helped them to like it. Students who like a subject are much more eager to learn it.


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