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Why Study in New Zealand

Updated on November 25, 2012

New Zealand has been a top choice for foreign students seeking global competence in the fields of Research, Healthcare and Engineering. The likes of Canterbury and Auckland universities have international profiles for their engineering courses. Although basically all universities offer core degrees in the arts, business and science; each has a distinctive profile. This may have been the reason why in the recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of those who seek to study in New Zealand.

Research Intensive

New Zealand's educational system is research intensive. It is predominantly based on the British higher education model. All academic staffs are expected to be active researchers as well as the teachers. This system ensures high quality of learning experience. This has also made the university education in the country consistently at par with international standards. A student who have obtained a certification or diploma from a New Zealand institution is given high credit anywhere in the world. Those to foresee a career in the United Kingdom can also take advantage of the programs from the country. Those who study in New Zealand have a greater chance of being employed by UK employers. There has been a preference of New Zealand graduates from among these employers.

Moderate Entry Requirement

Although the noticeable increase in the number of students wanting to take programs from the country has increased, it has not made the competition that fierce yet. Unlike in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia where admission is a lot harder, New Zealand has moderate entry requirements. And since the government has heavily invested in university education over the years; the country is ready to cater to a huge populace. Currently, it has more facilities than students, which is very beneficial to those who study in New Zealand. The competition is low, but the training would be just as competent as that obtained from UK or USA institutions.

Beautiful Location

Aside from world class facilities and internationally recognized standards, the country is also a welcoming destination. It has a beautiful location characterized by natural beauty that invites adventure activities. The country also has a low cost of living, abundant fresh food and a wide range of student accommodations. Foreign students are looked after by the government though its well developed system of pastoral care.

So to study in New Zealand would be a safe and sound undertaking. It would not be hard concentrating on ones studies given these benefits. In the end, one can absolutely get an upper hand in academia without the over rated struggles experienced by other foreign students in other countries.


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