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Why Take Chemistry for a Computer Degree?

Updated on June 30, 2012

Why Take Computer Degree?

Computer degree in the form of computer science or computer engineering is actually a good thing. Afterall, none of us is ready to trade the existence of the laptop for anything else. Although, the beauty of computer degree shines through video games, Ipads and Iphone; chemistry is supreme!

Before computers there was chemistry! But this is not a sufficient reason to substitute chemistry for computer degree.

A degree in computer could take you from the fascinating world of Aps through computerized robots to the complexity of the control module of Drones, Missiles, astronomical telescopes, satalites and submarines. A degree in computer science could also mean an insight into the world of what is as simple as mathematical calculator, cell phones, digital camera and digital watches.

You take a look at how Facebook and Twitter are reshaping our World, and how young computer scientists are making money from development of Aps; to conclude there is no other like computer.

Why Study Chemistry

Here, we will be taking a tour through some interesting parts of chemistry are concrete rivals of computer science. This range from careers in chemistry through the role of chemistry in nascent environmental concerns to chemical mechanisms evident in drugs and drug interaction.

Careers in Chemistry

It is cheap to say that computer is applicable to all area of life as it has recently increased the pace of communication in the modern world. While this is indisputable, facts are that chemistry actually has appendages of an array of prestigious careers.

Chemistry has for as long as we could remember been the foundation of medicine, pharmacy, chemical engineering, scientific research, e.t.c., so that studying chemistry should expand the tentacles of the individual to the possibility of specialization in other areas of work that.

Now, a computer sympathizer would infer that computer science also has areas of specialization. But the argument against the former is that, those careers are professional and specific!

Drug and Drugs Interactions

If you've delved into the world of biochemical mechanisms, you would be armed with the knowledge of unique biochemical interactions made possible by understanding the basics in chemistry.

One especially important area is in drug and drugs interactions where pharmacists are known to use the the study of chemical reactions to process drug interaction mechanisms.

Functions and Structures

Signal transduction mechanisms are important in the function and structures of organs. Although they are natural processes, the knowledge of chemistry was instrumental in the understanding of the actual nature of the processes.

Potassium and Sodium exchange is necessary for the conduction of signals such as signals required for the contraction of muscles. The two cations are also important in generating the crucial potential difference in Biological systems.

Interestingly, this area of knowledge is an exclusive reserve of the biochemist, pharmacist, medical doctor, e.t.c.


Chemistry has become very important in this time of global warming! Local knowledge locked within the environment of indigenous people are now applicable to green chemistry. Knowledge of the African black soap is useful in the manufacture of diverse small industrial chemicals like lye, glycerol, lipids, fatty acids, e.t.c.

This area is so innovative that the chemist should be the hot-cake of job creation in this era of mass unemployment.


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