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Why The Bleep Isn't Weed Legal Yet?

Updated on February 8, 2015

Marijuana is still bleeping illegal across many states in America. Weed is a much safer alternative than tobacco and alcohol. So why the bleep isn't weed legal yet when it has so many benefits?

It's no surprise that a huge portion of Americans support the legalization of pot. In just a matter of a few years we have seen almost all stereotypes of cannabis use debunked. Actually it was hilarious to see Nancy Grace discuss with rapper 2 Chainz about adults who allow pot to get in the hands of their children. With all due respect if this is her reasoning behind not supporting the legalization of marijuana, then she should slap the bleep out of her self.


Pot was getting in the hands of children long before any state had decided to change their pot laws. Doesn't it actually make more sense to legalize pot if your concerned about it getting in the hands of kids? Wouldn't it be easier to regulate if you had to show an ID before you bought it. Trust me when I say the drug dealer in your neighborhood doesn't verify age.

Pot has never been a threat to our health. So many recent studies actually point to weed as being a medical benefit. Even President Obama said that he doesn't think that weed is more dangerous than alcohol. We never needed Obama to say it for us to already know this disturbing fact.


Even if you don't bleeping support Marijuana being used for recreational purposes, how could you not support it for medical purposes? There are people who truly need this to save their lives but can't even try it for fear of being arrested. America doesn't sound like a place of true freedom when you deny sick people of the one thing that will heal them. Yet a drug like adderall is perfectly fine to be prescribed even though we know its being abused by almost every college student in the U.S.

In Kansas they have been fighting hard to even get a hearing for bill SB9. This bill will allow patients in Kansas to be medically prescribed marijuana. Kansas senator Gail Finney gave a powerful speech this year about marijuana and its inevitable legalization. You can see what she had to say in the video to the right.


Why won't they bleeping just free the weed? The answer is simple! Not enough people are making their voices heard. We live in a society of fear. Were scared we might get fired from our jobs if our bosses knew we supported legalizing marijuana. We fear losing are kids to the state, we fear being judged, but most importantly we fear that we can't make a change. Don't fear these things. It's not against the law to support a cause. Even if higher authority doesn't agree.

People who don't like to smoke tobacco or drink often may prefer a safer less dangerous option like marijuana. We all deserve the freedom of choice to choose what we decide to put in our bodies, especially if its not physically or mentally harming us. If you agree the marijuana should be legal than please let your voice be heard and contact your local and state representatives everyday. Tell them to support marijuana reform!


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    • profile image

      Carrie Davenport 

      3 years ago

      I have always thought that the most responsible thing to do is legalize marijuana. Wouldn't that give the government control over marijuana and make it easier to regulate? Anyway this was a good read, I've always felt this way.


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