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Why There is A Black History Month

Updated on February 9, 2016

Why Black History Month is Needed

While perusing the internet, I realized numerous individuals are against "Black History Month". Perplexed and confused, the modern world still sees color despite recognizing the United States as a melting pot. Indeed we live in a diverse nation, but let one recognize that there are differences and an American is not a cookie-cutter projection or formula. Unless one is legally color blind, a person cannot simply ignore nationality or race. However, instead of statements of unison, let us recognize why a Black History Month needs to exist.

The western world long ago conquered various civilizations, and thus we have the basis of our history. Our historical references are undoubtedly bias because it was/is written by a people that enslaved another people. Facts from a dominating culture transcends white, black, blue, or purple. African History is Black History whether hidden, tucked away, or forgotten. Black History is before African-American,and being the first people, before Roman, Greek, Babylonian, or Egyptian.

Strangely enough, the lineage of Black Americans begin with the slave boats, but it is still a part of history that doesn't need to be forgotten. In honesty, most history is white history. The reason why there is more lineage for those of Caucasian descent is simply due to conquering and dominance. With more access and more knowledge, black history isn't covered up and new discoveries abound. There is more to Black history than "that guy made peanut-butter" (George Washington Carver) and a "I Have a Dream" speech (Martin Luther King). Black history is important and should be included when discussing all history. Black History is not limited to melanin, it is another side to a misguided truth. In fact, history itself should be written more accurately.

Black history month also gives future generations hope and past mentors to emulate. In today's urban or "black" culture, television doesn't provide the most positive interpretation. With shows like "Love and Hip-Hop", the role of the black man or black woman can be skewed. Black history sheds a lovely light on achievements that our local news and major networks tend to shun. Our history reflects the successes of a people despite adversity and even resources. The history of blacks show a reality that unfortunately isn't broadcasted enough.

In discussing Black history, there is rare mention of the Barbery Slaves, the Moors, The Nubians, or the Kushites. In fact, wonderful Mathemeticians reportedly lived in Africa before Aristotle or Plato. These are just a few intriguing facts that one may come across when exploring the depth and magnitude of black history. Melanin-marked individuals are present throughout history and even Queen Charlotte of England was rumored to be of Mulatto descent. If these facts cannot be presented throughout the year, what is one month to dedicate to black history. Frankly speaking, numerous history books should be rewritten due to facts about blacks being purposefully omitted. A country kidnapped millions and degraded them to such a horrible extent, a month is not too much to ask.

For additional details and amazing facts about blacks throughout the ages, please review the following links and feel free to share your thoughts:

Blacks During The Renaissance

White Slave Trade and the African Moors In Spain

The Kingdom of Kush Before Egypt:


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    • profile image

      Tinsel & Tine 

      2 years ago

      "Frankly speaking, numerous history books should be rewritten due to facts about blacks being purposefully omitted." - So true. This should become a mission!


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