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Why University Students Should Not Stay With Their Parents

Updated on May 22, 2015

University education is a form of tertiary learning that comes in diverse forms in terms of fields of study and specializations. In Kenya there is the famous 8-4-4 system that implies 8 years in grand school 4 in in high school and another final four in a tertiary institution.

Well I have no much to explain about the system and other things not relating to the tittle of the article. My take is, has been and will always be as long as I am an undergraduate that these pro active and exorbitant elements should not be under the same roof with there fathers, moms, uncles and aunts. I don't criticize or discourage anyone-parent or student- if they are already doing so but in-case they really are, then i propose they read this part of my opinion. Opinion, yes opinion gathered from facts. Here we go.

Campus life

I am barely 20 as I write this and completed my first year in campus hardly a month ago. I thought campus is not just a place one comes to follow that career path they have always dreamed of, it's a place meant to change one in anyway way they wish. Although the sole goal is to get that academic certificate, its as well a place at the same time inculcating academic qualities, one has the freedom to live their own lives.

Many of these campus going individuals are of in the age bracket of 17-23. This is an age of youthful people and teens who are out not just to get that undergraduate degree but to also explore new things mostly through experimentation. Now, many will stay in university hostels while other will live in private hostels just around the university or away. There is this group of them who stay with there parents and come to the school daily. Lets call them day scholars right? These, yes you are the ones I was looking for.


Away may be better than home.

One thing for sure is that ones freedom is another person's detention. If you are in that college or university and comes back home every evening or whatever time it is, then trust me there is someone who is not okay with it. Parents try to freely express to us that they have granted us freedom to make our own decisions since we are grown ups. Yes we really are but I have a feeling they just never stomach the fact that we do so many things in their absence. Things which may not be vices but for some and in most cases vices which give me no option but to pity parents of these university students.

I happen to be one of the so herein called day scholars. Now, to me the old man openly tells me "Nick I don't like the way you conduct yourself here" I take that with the understanding that I am not supposed to stay out for up to odd hours and do whatever I can do you know. Agrrhh.. I guess I should not have gone to school in the first place if I don't have to manage my own time.

Arguments, takes and facts.

My argument is that your parents or guardians will never be 100% free with you to tell you this is wrong or right. They may at times note down small things you do wrong when they are not even wrong in the first place. This leads them eventually in stress and depression that their boy or girl being destroyed at campus.

For crying out loud, the world is dynamic and what our parents did, we just find it outdated because new things pop out day in day out. Morals keep on eroding that some things parents feel they are immoral yet guys will find it okay doing them. I therefore see it wise for guys to stay away, live their own lives and chase all possible thrills whereas parents to just stay responsible by fulfilling there requirements are parents.

The main point herein is that the problem normally comes when students embrace the change that automatically comes by virtue of them being in campus. Many parents find it hard to accept this change then fall short of wisdom to start claiming that their kids are getting spoiled. That's when your mum will start making follow ups and even check your semester timetable to ensure you are out only in the right hours only. I see no sense in such actions and can only describe them as stupid since parents make fake assumptions about you. But what's the outright solution? Its simple, Campus students, stay away from your parents. Parents, just let them be away because it is for your own good as well.

Do I even have to add more here? I guess not so. Enough said.


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    • Nick Osale profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Osale 

      3 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

      yes franc its cool meeting you too.

    • frankcofrah profile image

      frank nangame 

      3 years ago from western

      True friend i study at Egerton university, staying with my parents isn't something on my mind. I have this idea of being independent, and am sure i will achieve this via was nice meeting you friend


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