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Why You Should Take Up An Education Course?

Updated on November 5, 2014

She made a decision

The pencils she used during the entrance examination in the university
The pencils she used during the entrance examination in the university | Source

Their Reasons Against Mine

Almost everyone would be raising an eyebrow once they heard my daughter’s reply when asked what course she would be taking up in college. My daughter will be graduating coming March 2015 and she has decided to take up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education (BSSED).

As a mother, I can’t refrain from getting hurt seeing other people’s disappointment over my daughter’s choice of college course. I am afraid that it might affect her in one way or another. Although I am certain that she would be happy with her decision since I can see her skills in speaking and writing. Perhaps she got this skill from her father who is holding public position by way of election.

Allow me to share with you certain points why we should consider taking up education course in college. I hope the ideas to be presented herein will help those who are still undecided on what course to be taken up in their college years.

1. Teaching offers a wider employment opportunity over other courses.

If you graduated with a degree in education, you can work as a public or private teacher. However as we progress on our chosen career, things may change including our likes and interests. Just in case you changed your mind and you realized that you don’t want to teach anymore, you can become an office employee, a call center agent, etc. You can also start your own business which can be related or not to educating people.

Things may not be as easy if you had taken up other courses and you realized you want to teach.

The remedy…you have to take up complete education course or Methods of Teaching for you to be allowed to take Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) which is the primary requirement to be able to teach in public schools.

Here’s another fact which is based on my observation. There are several friends who are currently taking up education (second course) or Method of Teaching because they realized that they are not being given a chance to get a permanent item or position in the government office which they are currently employed. Nobody wants to work on a temporary, casual or on a job order status for a lifetime, right?

On the other hand, Philippine population continuously increases every year which means more students will be coming in to school. This could signify more teaching positions to be opened. Teachers will never be displaced. While other government agencies are implementing rationalization in order to reduce expenses by removing some positions regardless the item or position is filled up or not causing displacements for some workers, government continuously hire new teachers to be able to achieve their goal for giving better education to children.

Me and My Princess

My future teacher
My future teacher | Source

A question for you

Do you believe teaching is a good career?

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2. Competitive Compensation

Do you know that Filipino teachers earns Php 18,549 ($442) per month upon entry to service? This amount is somehow better than most desk jobs are offering. Although this amount is still considered below than what teachers is supposed to receive being the “molders of our youth and prime movers of the education system”. Senator Antonio Trillanes shared these words as he proposed an almost 100% increase in the monthly salary of the teachers from the stated amount above to Php 35,567 ($847). I’m sure teachers are excited and praying for the immediate approval of this proposal. Why not? They deserve it.

So much so, let us not forget that when children are having two months vacation in a year. This means teachers also enjoy two-month long vacation with pay. They also other benefits such as maternity leave and other benefits including but not limited to paid studies abroad.

3. Well Respected and Highly Regarded Career

This is always true and will always remain as the passing of time. Teachers’ great contributions to the country’s development will never vanish in the heart and mind of the people and will always be given high regards.

I always heard this phrase that without teachers, there will be no doctors, no pilots, no senators, no president, etc and I do believe that most of them are doing their job not because of the monetary consideration but because they love their job and they are willing to help people reach their dreams.

4. Teaching is Fun

The moment we learn to love what we do, we are not working but having fun. What could be greater than knowing that your students were able to learn new things because of you?

How about those feelings when one of your students grabbed the first prize of a certain contest where you were the coach?

Enjoying While Learning

5. Teaching is a Continuous Learning

Because life is a continuous learning so does teaching. We have to learn a new concept or subject matter before we could teach it to our students. We can never teach anything that we do not know in as much as we cannot give what we do not have.

6. Teaching is a Journey

We can reach places even not having to move from our present location. This is true with teaching. The more we give our focus into it, the more that we learn new things and can be able to explore the world.

Building a Tower

Working Together
Working Together | Source

7. Teaching Helps us Reach Out to Others

Teaching does not only give us access to our school but to the whole community as well. We recently conducted a leadership training to some selected elementary and high school students in our area of jurisdiction and I was surprised of the way these children presented their opinions. They are so opened and confident of with their way of sharing ideas with others.

Teachers were there in support of their students which for me is a great way of giving encouragement to children to participate not only in the school based programs but to the community as well.

On the Final Thought

Let us keep in mind that others choice may not be the same us ours. But what is important is that we give due respect to the decision of others.

Whatever career path we chose, it would be better to know if we have friends and families who are supportive of us in achieving those goals.

I am proud of my daughter for the choice she made. I’m sure that she will be a good teacher that will help mold other children to become good citizens of the world.

This article is dedicated to my Mom.


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