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Why Impact on the Testicles Is So Painful

Updated on November 25, 2019
MARS30Siddiqui profile image

I am a medical student and by the help of the knowlege i have from my studies i am abke to explain this procedure

Why testicles are hanging outside of the body?

Testes are a major organ of a male body. Mainly all major of the other parts of the body are found inside of the body while testicles hang out side of the body that makes them more vulnerable to impacts. But why are they hanging outside of the body? Why they are not present inside the body as female ovaries are? The reason is that the process of spermatogenesis and the sperms themselves are really temperature sensitive that is they can perform well and survive at temperature of thirty five degree Celsius. Inside the body our temperature can be raised as well due to pyrexia and other reasons thus can stop sperm production and can kill already produced sperms. Outside the body they are hanging in a bag called scrotum. This bag is responsible of maintaining the temperature of the testicles as it can contract to keep the testicles close to the body to gain heat and can relax and hang away from the body when it is too hot.

Contraction and relaxation of scrotum

Illustration of relaxed scrotum in hot conditions for heat dissipation
Illustration of relaxed scrotum in hot conditions for heat dissipation
Illustration of of contracted scrotum for absorption of heat
Illustration of of contracted scrotum for absorption of heat

They have neither mechanical support nor soft tissue for cushioning

Unlike all the major body organs which are well protected by bones inside of the body testicles are outside. Not only that they have no protection by the bones it also have no cushioning tissue around it. Around most of the organs like kidney and the heart there is a protective layer of fat around them for shock absorption so the the organ is protected from the impact itself. But testicles don’t have anything like that around them and experience the full force of the impact. The testicles cannot have that covering around them because fat layer also act as an insulator in the body but as we discussed above that testicles gain and loose heat very often thus cannot have an insulating layer around them.

Testicles are a hard solid organ

Testicles are a solid hard organ hanging outside of the body. A soft body can absorb some force from the impact during impact but the testicles are hard balls hanging freely so incase of any impact they have to suffer from all the force of the impact any way. It is also compulsory for them to be a hard organ because a softer organ has a higher chance of getting damaged under pressure which is not usually concerned with a hard body.

This pain might also be beneficial for us

Due to these reasons the pain in the testes is so intense and cannot be prevented. But it is in a sense useful as well because makes s to take care of them. In a condition called congenital analgesia the patient is unable to sense any pain and patients having this disease don’t have a long life span after all because they cannot sense that what’s wrong with them.

Serious injuries can also occur to your testicles by some major trauma. So if you are having pains for more than twenty minutes then you must immediately see doctour for medical assistance


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