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Why are some countries rich and some are poor?

Updated on July 27, 2015


The three most important factors that shapes the nation’s ability to be poor or rich are as follows:

1) Government constitution: This is by far the most important factor. The reason behind this is the constitution of the government decides the capitalism, the corruption levels and the economy. It doesn’t mean that a strong government means a strong economy, however, it does mean that a strong government will focus on the economical factors needed to enhance the economy. Furthermore, government constitution also imparts freedom of speech, privacy, rights and freedom to practice democracy. Furthermore, a strong government looks after the loopholes in the society and enhances workforce, work productivity and motivates the people to perform hard work. Nevertheless, a strong government doesn’t appreciate faulty labor markets, abuse of human rights and welfare and discrimination at workplaces.

For e.g The government of United states knows that the illegal immigration is causing internal damage to the labor workforce, however, the immigration system is still stands stagnant instead of taking proper measures. The result of this causes increased crime, decrease in the per capita income, increase percentage of people out of labor, doggy tax papers, discrimination at work in search of cheap labor and lack of human rights.


Criteria For a Strong Government Constitution

Some important facts about government constitution includes:

-Human Rights


-Freedom of speech

-Legal immigration

-Use of proper resources

-Better access to health care

-Strong economy


Religion and Lack of Education

2) Religion and lack of education: This was the most heated topics in the media when nigerian girls were abducted from the school just because they were going to school and getting education. I think education is of vital importance in any society. Lack of education causes irreligious human practices, faulty rules and regulations and narrow minded in the society. Few of the Islamic communities have taken religion as a safeguard to prohibit education in females. Lack of education in this kind of countries causes women abuse, female mutilation practices, child abuse, dowry and child marriages. A country can never progress if literacy is not the primary targeted goal. For a country to rise literacy & education are the stepping stone to build broad minded societies, preservation of rich cultural heritage and for progress of the nation.

Do you think Religion interferes the progress of a nation?

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Religion Vs Government

  • Religious leaders afraid to lose their position in the society
  • More education is might linked with increased atheist practice
  • to preserve the integrity of religious practices and religious leaders
  • To have dominating role in the society.


Technological progress

3) Technology: I think technology is the top most important factor for a nation to be quoted as rich or poor. Russia is rich because it has A+grade technology. Technology is a must to accelerate the existence of any science or engineering facts and to put them into practice. If a country has natural resources but lacks proper machineries then the natural resource are of no use. We have seen a live example of this and that is “The Dubai”. Dubai was never this prosperous and luxurious as we see today. The middle-east had rich oil resources which they were never aware off until the British gave them the technology to use those resources. The British Petroleum company planted their oil plants in Iran to excavate the oil and natural resources. Therefore, technology is the first that shapes the nation as rich by inducing high tech infrastructures and machineries.


Therefore, I think that government constitution, religion and technology are the most important facts that shapes a nation’s economy. Yes, geography, internal conflict, climate and other factors are still important, however, a nation makes it firm position in the world as rich or poor by constitution, religion and technology.

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