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Why crystals work in energising the body

Updated on May 29, 2013

The ancients said that crystals have the power of increasing the vibration of the body and heal you. In short, increasing your body's frequency is important, because high frequency energy upgrades the DNA structures, which makes us stronger, smarter, and increases or pshycic abilities. It has been scientifically proven that everything is energy, and the solidity of matter in the world is a mere illusion of our limited sensory organs. At first I was sceptical about the whole energising and healing your body with crystals, but the more I researched, the more convinced I am, that they must be right. On the other hand, I crytals have different levels of efficiency for different people. So if you want to try that, just keep that in mind. In this article I will show you why I think is true.

First of all it has been proven that crystals are excellent conductors of electricity. What this means is that an electric current flows through it easily. In other words, if you introduce an electric current in one side, when the current comes out on the other side, the Voltage value will be very close to that of the entrance value. The reason for that is the highly ordered geography of the molecular structures of crystals.

It is also be said in esoterics that crystals are 70% water, although I cannot prove that. Water is a great conductor too.

Now lets see human energy and our bodies' electric characteristics. It is well know that nerves in the body transmit information through electric impulses. Not only that, organs like the heart also regulate their activity through electric impulses. For example, the opening and closing of the different chambers are regulated by electric impulsis causing the muscles of the hearth to contract.

Now lets go even further. We can say that in fact our whole body is an energy body, not a physical body. In fact physicallity is an illusion created buy our eyes' ability to interpret what it sees into images instead of waves of energy. We now know that the retina of the eyes receives light and transmit it to the brain. In the dark we cannot see with our eyes, because the frequency of the energy in the environment is too low (no high frequency energy coming from the sun). Furthermore we cannot see if it is too bright, because the wavelength of light is too short (high frequency).

Atoms are 99.99999999% empty space, the remaining is different frequencies of energies. This can be proved by Einstein's famious equation energy=mass times speed of light (E=mc2). In fact, when we observe atoms, we need to reverse the traditional perception of atoms; atoms do not make up matter, but rather, energy makes up matter and atoms merely divides, or frames the energies, which is the vacuum of space. Also vacuum of space is not empty, but full of energy, because when, for example a star radiates in vacuum, all that energy must fill the vacuum, because energy cannot be lost (nor created). Probably, this is what dark energy is, which makes up 70% of the universe. For more details read the below resources:

Returning back to the effectiveness of crystals, the more you increase the average vibration of your body (which is energy), the more effective they become.


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