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Why is a Penis Always Associated With a Banana?

Updated on April 11, 2009


Every time a banana is at a table with mixed genders, it seems that at least one person, male or female, will equate the banana to a penis with some sort of innuendo or sexual oriented remark. Among strangers not usually, but with good friends the topic seems to steer out of context especially among women when discussing men or relationships. The banana might be innocently sitting in a bowl with other delicious fruit and as soon as the discussion steers towards men etc., the poor banana is compared to a man's penis. Laughter breaks out or some sort of dirty grin along with words that convey sex. Maybe nothing is said and the woman simply peels it slowly, smiling at the guy, teasingly using her mouth to slowly bite it and devour it. If the banana has chocolate on it, she uses her tongue to lick it. The guy, if not already intimately involved, is totally uncomfortable with the visual or will play along.

Yes, the banana does simulate a penis and is shaped like one even if the size is way out of reality, in most cases. Other than that, no other fruit receives so much sexual attention from the female gender, what about a carrot? LOL. Where did the banana and penis become intertwined with each other, when? Is this a modern event or is it ancient?  Of course, it is totally in our own imagination regarding the relationship between the two. It is one of those images one cannot simply disregard.

That is why having banana's around the house when you have teenage girls is like opening a can of worms, especially if one innocently begins to eat one. Laughter breaks out, crude comments, funny looks follow and who know's what else. Granted, it does not always occur but it will if the topic is boys.

I think even the most conservative person probably also secretly associates the banana with a penis but would not dare to discuss it unless in an intimate relationship. It is just kind of weird about it all, I eat bananas all the time.


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    • profile image

      db 8 years ago

      "I eat bananas all the time"

      I bet you do.