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Why is it important to study media in turkey?

Updated on August 18, 2014

Study in Turkey

Why is it important to study media in turkey?

I have many expectations. Education in Turkey is improved because Turkey is an advanced country. The universities in Turkey use modern methods in education; further, Turkey’s strategic relations with the Middle East and the West enrich the education level in this country in term of cultural exchange.

If you got the opportunity to study in Turkey, I thank you will return with a new knowledge, new academic skills and practical experiences through which you can help students and Colleagues in my home country.

I believe that the skills will play a key role in improving the media in your country. If you want the whole world look through our strong and transparent media to reach the truth, and this can be achieved easily unless we apply the Turkish experience.

Example, I’m planning to establish a private company for TV production in my country because there are many daily stories whichshould be highlighted and transmitted to the world due to the fact that we live under occupation. Moreover, the universities in my country require academic media specialists.

Media is the channel through which we enlighten communities; this is what I got when I studied my BA in journalism. Then when I conducted my Master’s thesis in political science I found that media hasa great value in Policy-making. So the journalist should act on behalf of the audience to make sure that politicians do their job.It is clear that the relationship between journalists and politicians has a significant impact on the activities in a society that has integrity and justice. Therefore, I think that studying PhD in media will help me to disseminate democracy in my country,and unmask the aggressive Israeli policies.

Why study in Turkey?

In addition to the fact that turkey is a leading global powerhouse, I noticed that the Turkish drama reinforced cultural exchange in the Arab societies. Recently, Turkish drama triggered the public’s passion reactivity, and this shows the high level of academic capacities in this field.

First, it is easy to communicate with parents during the study period. Second, its suitable environment where we share customs and traditions.

Cultural diversity in Turkey is also one of the reasons that led me to choose to study in Turkey.

Safety, the crime rate in Turkey is low compared with many countries in the world.

The standard level of living makes Turkey a good place to study in.

Advantages of Turkey

In recent years, Turkey has become a place of appeal for commercial and political aspects. Elements that bring out this situation are shortly as follows:

• Turkey's financial state is second only to China among the world's fastest-growing financial systems.

• Turkey scoring by the G-20 states attracts a racing graph in the globe politics also the industry.

• With a increasing publicity, Turkey has attractive commercial and constitutional openings for the new rising sector.

• From the nations in the community, you will find there's good focus in the civilization and traditions of Turkey.

Study Options in Turkey

For any worldwide college student, Turkey has a large amount to offer: high excellent degree and a very multicultural citizens, lively towns and pretty areas, imaginative, ethnic and physical events. Staying and learning in Turkey will surely encourage you and improve your ideas completely.

Study systems in Turkey will overtake worldwide students with a plenty of universities, systems and positions. In addition you will have the chance to discover both modernity and lifestyle in one of the least dangerous and most secure states in the area.

There are now about 170 universities and schools in the turkey, with more than 30,000 worldwide pupils. Foreign language studies are very common among global pupils. However, studying tongues is not the only thing getting learners to Turkey: there is a choice of English-language courses available in a number of other fields. Some Turkish colleges have English language as the medium of training while others get chance to study English.

The Turkish education process provides worldwide pupils a lot field of options. You'll discover many of choices to fit just about any question from professional degrees to uncommon systems geared toward worldwide pupils. Multicultural affairs reports are popular as well as systems in Foreign Relations, Eastern Mediterranean Research, business sector administration, technology, Vacation, Tourism and meals.

Nation and Facial Foundation Colleges of Turkey

When we make a general evaluation of the place and foundation colleges in Turkey, the next things might be enlisted at a first quick look:

• The total of state colleges in Turkey is about to reach 100.

• There are strong state research institutes in Turkey.

• The number of worldwide pupils in our state colleges that offer worldwide higher education is being steadily growing.

• The value /fees fee is one of the best across the world.

• Dormitory room and home services are included for worldwide pupils.

• The degree level of the teaching in state colleges, that language of education is English, is at the Western standards.

• The total of foundation colleges in Turkey has currently more then 70.

• Foundation colleges supply education primarily in English.

• Turkish colleges supply worldwide respected levels with low-cost university fees.

• Owning a objective of helping pupils with a type of grants, foundation colleges offer grants between 30 and 40% of the tuition fee.

• Turkish universities supply worldwide students with studying in a comfortable weather, protected and safe conditions


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