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Why the College "Struggle" is Really What Makes it Worth While.

Updated on February 1, 2018

Reduced to Ramen

As thousands of college students fend for themselves everyday across the country, it is easy to see the effect that being "broke" in college can have. Cup O' noodles lie empty across dorm room floors, empty great value water bottles fill the trash cans, and plastic kitchen utensils are down to nothing but knives. When in this state of anxiety from lack of money and an abundance of homework, it can drive one mad (or so it seems). Tv and movies show college to be nothing but a party, however, the three exams you have next week and a shift at the front desk beg to differ. At times like these it is very easy to sulk, mope, feel utterly disgusted with how things are going, and it's understandable. College not going how you planned definitely seems bad at first, but the key is to enjoy every moment and make things happen on your own.

Sure, you've been up all night writing a discussion board you have put off until last minute, and you have a 9:05 the next morning. Everything will be A-okay though! A quick cat nap after class to regain some energy then it's off to Sidelines Bar and grill for happy hour draft beer. Being reduced to a cup of Ramen one night is hardly a big sacrifice to give for the costume party you'll be attending this weekend at the rugby house. "Fun" things will come and go, but to stay happy and having a good time in college, cherish all the moments you have. The good, the bad, even the far too drunk times, because you only go to college once in your life. The experience is what you make it and there is more to it than the four concrete walls the university calls a room.

© 2018 Ty Humble


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