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Why the Individual Has Never Been More Powerful

Updated on December 8, 2014

Introducing: Individual Empowerment

Most anything you wish to learn is easily accessible, and often available in great detail. Better yet, it's all free. Tens of thousands of dollars are no longer necessary to educate yourself.

Today, I hope to enlighten you on the subject of fantastic resources that are revolutionizing individual education. Should you choose to indulge in these resources, I have no doubt you will emerge feeling more powerful than ever before.

As famous philosopher of the 15th century, Sir Francis Bacon, once said..

"Scientia potentia est. Knowledge is power."

Out of great respect to the wisdom of Sir Francis Bacon, and for the ultimate purpose of this article, the words empower and educate will be entirely synonymous.

With that, let us begin.

Enter: Open Courseware

What is this open courseware you speak of? It must be that content cluttering the internet, published by those no more qualified than I. Why yes, that makes sense. Foolish man, that cannot empower the individual.


In fact, open courseware is a collection of courses developed by our nation's top professors, digitalized in full, published, and available for free on the internet. Open courseware was first made available by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002, in turn this mounted the pressure that caused the floodgates to come bursting open. Crashing forth flowed waves of free education provided by the most elite institutions in the country.

To name a few..

(Click the university to view its own open courseware page!)

Now if you are anything like me, you're looking at this list thinking, It's near impossible to gain acceptance into ANY of these schools! As far as I was aware, I would never have the opportunity to be subject to the first-rate education they provide.

Well, here's the good news: a thorough education on almost any area of study is available for free, provided directly through these schools.

Moreover this uncovers a cold truth: When you hand over your tens of thousands of dollars a year, and bury yourself in student loans, you are simply paying for a piece of paper, not the education itself.

Your Majesty: The Kings of Open Courseware

Those websites really do offer free, in-depth content! However, they are tough to navigate, and don't present the information in the way I feel I can best empower myself. What do you suggest?

*great trumpet fanfare sounds*

It gives me great pleasure to announce the arrival of the kings of open courseware. They are as follows.

With these resources, you can search for and participate in the courses offered by top universities around the world, with stunning simplicity. Quite frankly, I can not recommend them highly enough.

These organizations are backed and funded by philanthropists around the world and have impacted over 25 million users.

What's excuses are stopping you from being one of them?

Time constraints?

Work and family obligations?

Set these excuses aside and empower yourself, you will be evermore glad you did.

The Grand Finale: A Call to Action

Okay, I believe I'm ready. I have defeated my excuses, and come to terms with my uncertainties. Empower me!

First, congratulations on completing the most difficult step towards individual empowerment.

Now, off the top of your head, think of one subject in particular you always wished you knew more about - beyond the basics, a real comprehension.

Got one? Good.

Choose an above organization (It's easy, just click), search your subject, and begin your own journey of individual empowerment today.

When you truly embrace the opportunity made available to you through individual education, I promise you will feel more empowered than ever before.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      4 years ago from USA

      Knowledge is power, and the fact that it's as accessible as ever makes it a great leveler.


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