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Why the Police Were Unable To Catch Jack the Ripper

Updated on June 19, 2010
Credit: an untrained eye
Credit: an untrained eye

The police were unable to catch the Ripper for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest and most significant was the fact that the police at the time were not prepared to deal with such a murderer and lacked the methods and forensic science to catch him. The lack of leads, the built up area of the crime scene, hoax letters to the press and the fact that the murders appeared to be random and unpredictable all made the police task harder to the point only a mistake by the murderer would have lead to him being caught.

In 1888 the metropolitan police were not trained or prepared on how to handle a major murder case such as the Ripper murders. Forensic science at the time was very basic, footprints being the most advanced part of the police science.  There was a lack of detectives and the few detectives that there were did not have the methods to carry out an investigation on a large scale. Considering all of this the police did carry out a massive investigation, questioning thousands of people and arresting many suspects. In the end, however, this proved fruitless.

The Ripper was clearly a very cunning killer and made it very hard for the police to catch him. He left no evidence on the scenes of the murder giving the police nothing to trace back to him. There was also no obvious motive other than the targeting of prostitutes, which suggested the murderer was not gaining in any way from the murders. All the murders were committed on strangers, unlike the majority of murders, so there was no link between the murderer and his victims, making it harder to catch him. Also, the murders appeared to be unplanned and random, giving the police no clues as to when he would strike next.

The area where the murders were carried out, Whitechapel, did not help the police efforts. The many small alleyways made escape from a murder scene relatively easy. The murders were always carried out at night, making it harder still to even witness the murders, indeed one victim on being discovered was not even realised to be dead because of the dark. On top of this many people in Whitechapel did not have a permanent residence and came and left the area frequently, there were also many foreigners in the area all of which would have made police investigations harder.

The fact that the victims were all prostitutes made the police investigation harder still. Prostitutes would have seen many strangers often making them easier victims for the Ripper. Attitudes of many people at  the time meant that they believed that the victims deserved to be murdered, these people would have been unlikely to help the police with their investigations. Many witnesses who may have been with the prostitutes were also unlikely to come forward to help, even if they had useful evidence as it would have meant admitting they had been with the prostitute, something many would have not been prepared to do.

Another major hindrance to the police was the large numbers of hoax letters which were sent to the press claiming to be the murderer. The police had to sort though these to find any that may have been genuine and the following up of leads would have been a large waste of police time, which could have otherwise have been spent tracing the murderer.


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      give me coke

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      lewis is bae

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      Web Owner 3 years ago

      Thank you for the educational comments. It will be useful for other viewers.

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      Very Educational, thanks

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      hi i am rew

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      i like ansel elgort Julia u should know what I mean ;)

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      Charley. 3 years ago

      This really helped me with my work! Thanks! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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      Website owner 3 years ago

      education on point

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      jack the raper 3 years ago

      very educational, really helped me with my work , cheers dave

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      you wants schome

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      my real name people lie

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      Ethan Rowley 3 years ago

      I am jack I love it up the rear

    • profile image

      T.G. 7 years ago

      Jack the Ripper could have been just about anyone. Although witnesses did describe him as foreign looking with a foreign accent. With one of the witnesses remembering a conversation between a man and one of the victims who asked, will you? To which she replied with something like yes, alright, come with me.

      But, the thing that I wanted to mention is the language of the man, when he said, will you? Which, to me, comes off as a somewhat feminine in character. Which is not to imply he was a woman or that he was gay, but more about someone who appears to be one thing when he wants to be safe and unassuming to others. As well as to point out that Jack the Ripper was probably a very cunning killer. Always looking the part of an ordinary person. And the least likely to be suspected of anything.

    • profile image

      some guy  7 years ago

      i am studying Jack the ripper in detail and one of the main suspects we are looking at is francis tumulty.

    • profile image

      adidaspat 7 years ago

      I was wondering, do we really want to solve the mystery of Jack the Ripper? There would be no more theorys, no more blogs, no more articles, no more books, no more movies. Nah, let's keep him around.

    • profile image

      adidaspat 7 years ago

      There was also a lot of stereotyping at the time. Some people thought the ripper was Jewish and that people in the Jewish community were covering for him because they didn't want to turn him over to "gentile" justice. Hardly makes much sense really. Who would want someone like that loose around their wives and kids? He may have only gone after prostitutes but I sure wouldn't bet my family's safety on it. It's like saying "No, you can't euthanize my rabid dog because you're gentile so I'll just take him home to stay with me, the wife and kids". Christ, Al Capone wouldn't want that guy around.

    • tonymac04 profile image

      Tony McGregor 7 years ago from South Africa

      Interesting Hub - the Ripper seesm to have a continuing fascination. When last in London I did a "Jack the Ripper Walk" with Donald Rumbelow who has written one of a definitive book about the Ripper. Saw many of the places made famous by the case, including the room where the last murder took place. Rather eerie!

      Love and peace


    • Tkumah profile image

      Tkumah 7 years ago

      A great hub and thoughts provoking. It seems that brilliant psychopaths can outsmart the system of their time.

    • hello dave profile image

      hello dave 7 years ago

      Thanks for the comments, you both make good points

    • scarytaff profile image

      Derek James 7 years ago from South Wales

      Good hub hello dave. It's always very satisfying when a mystery is solved. Sadly the mystery of the Ripper never was.

    • davidisaiah profile image

      davidisaiah 7 years ago from Klamath Falls, Oregon

      It also may have been that when what little evidence there was pointed to a member of the upper class that such evidence was suppressed to avoid risking angering those who plaid police salaries.


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