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Why don't we think more about future than past

Updated on June 18, 2013

Human behavior

This is the fundamental question I always think about "Why we don't think more about our future than we think about our past?". Just imagine what we can achieve if we reserve the amount of thinking we do about past, present and future.

I always think about this and try to train myself to change the trend. Imagine this can dramatically change our future if we can achieve this. Not only we can change our future this can also dramatically decrease the pain we go through by thinking about past.

Ideally if we only spend enough time thinking about past to learn any lessons to apply to future. And spend rest of the time to either relax and meditate or think and plan our future, it could alter our life's like never before.

Of course this is easier said than done, somehow if we can come up with a way to train our brains to think this way that would be a breakthrough.

I would like to get inputs from readers to share their ideas on how we can achieve this, let me know your inputs.


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    • manjuvreddy profile image

      manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA

      Hello startupninja, Thanks for your thoughts. Looks like you are thinking deeper and more on scientific level. I was thinking more practical nature that why we think a lot about past events and less on future. Of course it is very natural for humans to think that way. But my question is if it is possible to train our self to think differently, think more on our future than the past events.

    • manjuvreddy profile image

      manjuvreddy 5 years ago from USA

      Thanks Diane

    • Diane Lockridge profile image

      Diane Lockridge 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      Consider altering the title of your hub; it's not gramatically correct.

    • startupninja profile image

      startupninja 5 years ago from Milan, Italy

      The rationale of your hub presumes that human thought occurs merely along the lines of time periods, and not on the basis of the events which created stimuli that influenced our conscious or subconscious mind. It is my opinion whether we think about the past, present or future as defined in you text, is merely an issue of impact. If the thing, event or whatever, that weighs in most heavily on our minds happened, or is happening, or will happen does not matter. It it the issue that preoccupies us that we are thinking about, and not the time period in which it occurs. There go my two cents...