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Why am I here ? Part (2)

Updated on March 9, 2014

As it came to me: Why am I here?

PART(2) parts one got pixilated soon back up.

As I looked at the time on my computer; it said11:27pm.Saturday . So I readied myself in my mind to call it a night, but I saw there were some comments pending to my hubs, still I decide that I will leave them for tomorrow. I turned off the computer and proceeded to do my nightly routine, the final of which is usually to see what’s on the tube that might be interesting, I hurried to the bathroom, to make final preparations. While I was about to leave the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and this thought just came to me. Immediately I knew I had to get back to the computer, that’s how strong this thought felt.

Normally I have pen and paper in strategic positions over the house, in other words I know where to find all that I could possibly need at all times, especially pertaining to my writing.

When I saw myself in the mirror, I again immediately asked myself. Who really am I and where did I come from?

This same question came to me earlier this week, and then I wrote the poem: Why am I here?

This time there were some added info along with the thought and it asked you.

From whence do you believe you came?

I started knocking around a few thoughts in my head the strongest of these thoughts was saying to me go ahead and write and it will all come to you there, it was nothing supernatural ,or anything I knew it was my own self that felt this trend of thought is a very good topic for you to elaborate on. So in speaking to me, these were the discussion going on.

That I must look deep into myself put all of my positive energies into where in my most honest and sincere thought would I say that I have come from? I urge most of you that will read this hub to do the same as quickly as you sincerely can. I will now give you my sincerest set up that I already know.

Leave out the Bible if you so please, leave out God if you so please, leave out every thought of religion if you so please, leave out any prior form of influence that you can think you might have received. All I need you to do it’s to think about yourself and your family to the furthest that you wish to take it back. That if you can understand where I am coming from, would be looking back, but by doing so you will actually be looking at your future which could easily be accomplished if we get to find out from whence we came.

All of the greatest minds in existence will tell you that if you are able to know your past everything else is a piece of cake. We as humankind are all going into the future blindly; but I erest assured that we are going into the future, searching mainly for our past. Presently we are not even as so much, as to be scratching the surface of our true human existence. The things that we are capable of, it’s in us but we have not as yet learn how to do.

So I will like you to do this for your own self. I told one of my brethren this morning, that all of life is good, there are actually nothing bad in life, unless you see it that way and actually forget that, it’s the way you choose to look at it now. Life as we have come to know it came with all its clones.

Hot got cold, night got the day, light got the dark, love got hate, male got female and it is on this last comparism of the male having the female,

that’s where the truth of this discussion with myself originated.

I am quite aware that there are, some very wise people out here, and to keep things in perspective and politically correct there are definitely a lot of foolish people out here also but who is to say that the other is foolish, religion, logic, belief, gender? The truth is, though we know for sure that they exist, I for me I am convinced that finding out who may possibly be the fools among us or me is written no place in my trusted genetic blueprints. It’s not even instinctual.

Here is the gist of my story, and let he who have eyes to see and he who have ears to hear, let them.

We are quite sure that had mankind not somehow how, sniffed out a mate for himself while living, there would have been no reproduction, and you know the balance. The thought that stood predominant, is not one to trigger arguments or even difference of opinion, it is simply to make mankind come clean with his truthful, honest and sincere thought of his existence.

Don’t forget that I asked you to put aside the Bible, put aside everything except the only truth which we all was given, and that is a true and fair chance to come up with our own truth. Argument are addicting, I know it can become an epidemic of one, enraged and dying to infect and contaminate, this is the reason I am asking you to start with a clean and pure slate, by at this moment starting with your own self and your existence to give your own un influence and uncontaminated version of your truth, for your own human existence and thoughts.

Could you now tell yourself and then tell the world what you are standing for as an unselfish sensible human being. Go as far as you can go in your sincere mind and see where do you belief that a male and a female of the human specie could of possibly come from.

In looking at myself in the mirror, though I was looking at me I was also looking through me and out to the boundaries of my truthful individual human imagination, which is much further than even the mirror. Still the only place I could explore unaided by any influence whatsoever and reach the boundaries of my imagination, it leaves me at a wonder , at an me at a living, omnificence , omnipotent and omnipresence being ,that also utilizes my existence also. I am undoubtedly a part of the whole. I can and I have stopped there and can follow my own true understanding, but I would be a fool if I stop at nothing denying my own existence.

The time is now 12”57am.



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    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      That one of the greatest thing anyone can say while living "AE"

      Thanks for reading, it's a little long, and sincere thanks for your ever and always beautiful comment.

      The idea is to always be grateful, because none of us can have it all . It will simply be too heavy to carry.

      That's why I know I have to speak some more to the kids , so that I can share with them, in my way, it's not forceful but direct .They don't all have to go to booth camp.

      If you see that I am always saying Give Thanks .

      Why you have said the exact reason.

      Life will be by far better for all.

      People come with moods and attitudes and blames it on the day , the cold , the snow , the heat when all it is remains themselves.

      Give Thanks for what you have and it will show you even more reasons to be thankful.

      Bless "AE"

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is deep Sky..You know what? I think we all need to look at ourselves and beyond, sometims just to think where we've been, where we're going now and why. Hopefully we will see that we can improve a little but feel good that we've accomplished some good in our lives..Thank's gor a great hub...Cheers

    • Sky9106 profile image

      Sky9106 6 years ago from A beautiful place on earth.

      Thank you Frank. It is just amazing when someone especially a fellow writer , will exercise his God given ability to put aside all selfishness. Read , analyze conclude and comment , sharing so eloquently that which he have discovered with everyone else , giving them also another avenue to possibly travel on their journey towards a possibly understanding.

      My hats off to you brethren, that's why I made it part two. Let's hope HP release part one today. it was deep in thought for me.

      Thanks for travelling with me.

      Sincere blessings to you and yours Frank.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 6 years ago from Shelton

      The message.. the word everything is crystal clear but the phrase below really stuck in my head:

      In looking at myself in the mirror, though I was looking at me I was also looking through me and out to the boundaries of my truthful individual human imagination, which is much further than even the mirror.


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