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Will The World End In The Year 2012?

Updated on October 15, 2009

Will the World End in The Year 2012?

Will the World End In The Year 2012?

With so much talk about the Mayans calendar not having a 2012 calendar, and people who are studying what they have attempted to interpret from things that they have read in the past, pertaining to people, who claimed they could predict our future. What are your thoughts about the world ending in the year 2012?

Frankly, I do not believe it will be any different, than any other year. We may experience an unique celestial event, where there is a planetary or galactic alignment, if that.

Granted, I have seen some strange things, and events occurring in our world, yet I do not believe the sky is about to fall, and if it does, I will not be standing there watching it, because I will not allow it to fall on top of me.

Will The World End In TheTear 2012?

Will The World End In The Year 2012?

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