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Wisconsin Tailgating Laws

Updated on February 18, 2011

What exactly is tailgating? Why is it illegal?

I'm not talking your average, beer/brats/back-parking-lot-of-a-stadium tailgating. I am talking about aggressive and deadly driving techniques.

Tailgating another car is illegal in Wisconsin. Not sure what the term "tailgating" ensues? Well, thats why I'm here!

Tailgating is mainly illegal for the mere fact that if you tailgate someone you can cause injury or death to both yourself and the driver you are tailgating. Normally used as an "aggressive" driving technique, tailgating someone can actually cause them to crash, whether its from paying attention to your lights and your car taking up their review, or the anxiety from knowing the driver behind them isn't happy and is going as far as harassment.

Driving on someones bumper, honking your horn, cursing, making hand signals..they are all signs of aggressive driving and are all a no-no on Wisconsin roads. Of course, I've let a finger or two fly once in a while, we all have. But riding on someone's bumper is too scary for me. It happens a lot to ME, while I am driving. Sometimes, I will just pull over and let the person go. Recently, we saw someone who was tailgating us get pulled over shortly after they passed us. satisfaction.

The basic rules of the road are:

- Make sure you have at least 2 seconds time between you and the vehicle in front of you.

-Add an extra second if its night time, two if its bad weather conditions and don't bother driving at all if you are under the influence. NO one wins.

- Do not ride on someone's bumper. It isn't going to make them go any faster. In fact, they might decide to go slower, or play with you by going slow in the no passing zones and speeding up when you do have the opportunity to pass. This is also illegal, but just like tailgating, it happens.

The BEST option for you is to simply be patient. If you must, must go around them, wait until a safe passing zone and pass quickly. This way, there are no dangerous games played with cars, and everyone reaches their destination safe, alive, and somewhat happy (at least.)


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