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Are You Destroying Your Child's Natural Protection From Predators?--Updated 11/2010

Updated on November 8, 2010

Children Know...

instinctively, who to trust!
instinctively, who to trust!

Children Have Their Own Kind Of Intelligence

The first of the many true stories in the extremely popular Chicken Soup for the Soul is a poignant one about a four-year-old girl who, soon after the birth of her baby sister, insistently pleaded with her mother to let her spend some time alone with the baby. Her standard-type mother aware of the fears of jealousy in small siblings, kept putting her off. Finally, after weeks of this pleading she relented and let the little girl in the room, but kept the door slightly ajar to monitor the situation. The little girl walked carefully up to the crib and peered at her sister for a full minute and then said, "Baby, please tell me what God is like, I'm beginning to forget."

Children come into this world not as the the clean slate that psychology claims they are, but with a mind uncluttered with the fears, anxieties and stresses of the world they're now entering, and full of the wonders of the world they are separating from and about which we adults have forgotten almost everything. If only we could tap the riches of their minds. One of our renown scientists, astrophysicist Carl Sagan said, “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be discovered.” One of those incredible somethings is the wisdom of the children which is a clue to the wisdom we all have in our marvelous mind and that we desperately need to use to keep us safe right now in our crazy world.

How We Handicap Our Children in a Dangerous World

Our children have a special intelligence, in fact we all do, that can guide and protect them. It may come as thoughts or a strong, deep-down feeling or hunch, a gut feeling or what we call intuition. How do I know? I've been in touch with mine at will now for more than thirty years since helping Nancy heal herself of terminal cancer. We discovered her special intelligence, her innate intelligence that guided us on a five-year-long healing adventure that cured her illness and healed my life as well.

The huge problem is that we systematically program young minds to disregard these protective thoughts by focusing them outside of themselves for answers. From birth, we are made to believe that we know nothing and must turn to adults for answers; so we grow up with little confidence in our own wisdom. Recently, October 2010, the subject of one of Dr. Phil's programs was the researched fact that most adults will follow the instructions of an authority figure, even if it means doing bodily harm to someone else. How much more will children, who have been programmed to believe in the absolute authority of adults, tend to follow their commands. But, children, like all of us, have a special, innate intelligence that is always trying to get through to them to protect them from danger and guide them in the best way possible. Some people call these thoughts the voice of God, the holy spirit, intuition, the hotline to our higher power, and almost fifty other names that I have cataloged. So they are well known in our culture, and we have all experienced them sometime in our lives although we are afraid to talk about them, because we may be thought of as crazy. It's time that we did. Better to be sane and safe, than thought sane and be sorry.

Children, like our pets, instinctively know if someone means them harm, but because they have been programmed to trust adults who they have been taught have all the answers, they do not follow their own inner guidance. Warning children about “stranger danger” doesn't work when it counts, because it comes too late. When they are alone and must make their own decision, children will give in to the pressure of obeying adults who they've been taught have all the answers, especially when that adult is someone they know which is most often the situation in cases of kidnapping and molestation. Programming away a child's reliance on instinctual wisdom is like de-clawing our family cat and then sending it outside to fend for itself among the neighborhood dogs. This is also why many children end up in gangs, cults, dubious religions, and are molested and abused. They have lost contact with their inner guidance and are looking for it outside of themselves, because that's what they've been programmed to do since birth. That's also why many children grow up to be adults who have very little confidence in themselves.

We must teach our children to trust their own kind of wisdom and knowledge that can protect them. Teach them that if they don't feel good about someone, it's not only ok to say no and even run away, but the right thing to do. As adults, we have an even more mature inner wisdom and knowledge that we can learn to cultivate that has every answer we will ever need as we walk through our days. It's been with us since birth and is waiting for us to realize that it's there and make contact so that it can guide and protect us.This piece of information is the single-most important one in preparing to live in this new, crazy world that is now arriving. Our innate intelligence, call it what you will, can show us in real time what is the precise right thing for us to be doing at every moment in our lives.

©sgscalese, 2010


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