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Words (Sidewalk Prophet Series )

Updated on May 2, 2015


A necklace of sweet words,

Strong syllables that talk,

Unless it is making a sound

A breath Is as though

It had never been.

Words find the edge of things;

Natural completions of Thought.

They give us power

And feed us to the truth.

Words give us the power to lie

When we are blind

And don't realize

That our mouths are moving.

Better if that breath had never been.


God went somewhere looking for something to do. I went peeping into reality; see what was there.

I let my spirit carry me, pen in hand and a foot raised for flight.

The Sidewalk Prophet Series is an accummulation of thoughts that I had at one time or another and I'm introducing them for the sole purpose of entertainment.

I hope you enjoy all 100 of the poetic short stories I will be introducing for the first time.

 I encourage you to become a fan, follow along, leave comments (pos./neg.) or ask questions.


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