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World Environment Day - “Forests: Nature at Your Service”.

Updated on August 22, 2014

Forest: Nature at Your Service

The theme diagram of world environment day
The theme diagram of world environment day

World Environment Day

Man is a greedy creature that ever produced in this world.He thinks all the amenities in the earth are only for him and his species. All other creatures are created by God for his food and other needs. There is no right even for living in this world to them. All will be decided by human beings. But is it the real condition? Don't it be some intension by the Super Creater behind all these? Definitely , there will be.

Have you ever think about the threats that our mother earth faces? Do you think our earth will sustain for one more 100 years? Can you imagine the earth’s condition in 2111? If you hadn’t think about all these so far , this is the day to start . Today June 5 , is the World Environment Day.

Every year the world environment day is celebrated by UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) by selecting a country as host and introduce a good theme.My country India is the host country of this years World Environment Day. The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is “Forests: Nature at Your Service”. So it is obvious that our aim in this World Environment Day is to protect all our forests as well as to create new forests.

India as Host

India hosts the World Environment day celebration
India hosts the World Environment day celebration

How do you observe Environment day?

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Observing World Environment Day

Earth faces many threats on these days. The important among them are pollution and deforestation. For controlling pollution different methods are adopted. Many laws are in force in all countries to minimize the pollution rate. But deforestation problem is a curse. There is no land for human dwelling. The population is growing on day by day. To satisfy them human beings invade to forest and demolish forests. So the theme of the World Environment Day, “Forests: Nature at Your Service” is a thought provoking one.

What can we do in this World Environment Day ? Many may be in a confusion what to do. But most of our actions have frozen just because we forgot about pollution around or the waste around. We think all of them are the part of earth. As more and ore wastes are deposited it becaomes a practice of day to day life and we easily get adopted to it.

Still if you have no idea about what to do , just pick a bag or sack and collect all the plastic wastes surrounding your home. Plastic wastes kill earth inch by inch. The plastic waste will decay after 10 lakhs years !! Water will not flow properly down to the earth in plastic polluted soil. Also the insects and other living beings in the soil can’t exist in plastic waste piled soil. The ultimate result will be demolition of ecosystem existing there. So if you do just this simple activity , it will be a great work for nourishing the nature.

Children planting trees
Children planting trees


Forests are the place where a lot of living beings reside. In ancient years even humans were living in forests. When they got civilised they got out from forests and begane to make their own houses out side forest. Then onwards there started the pollution of earth also.

As the theme of World Environment Day is “Forests: Nature at Your Service”, I decided to plant three trees in my home premises. Why three ? I have three children. Each one will plant a tree. So that they will remember this World Environment Day for ever. Also they will exchange the idea to their classmates, what they did in this World Environment Day. When they grow up definitely they can lead their children also in the same way as a motivation received in their childhood days. Any nature lover can test this method to motivate people.

Many people plant trees today in public places. It is a good work. But planting a tree is just a 5 minute work. We have to nurture it , preserve it till it is able to stand independently. That is we have to care it for about 5 years just like we care our babies. Unfortunately most of us do not give importance for this. On World Environment Day we plant tree and forget from next day. That is why I advice all to plant a tree in your own home premises so that you can care it well.

This year World Environment Day has another peculiarity also. You can reveal your ideas to world about your plans in this World Environment Day through the website of UNEP ( United Nations Environment Programme). Share your ideas in Don’t forget to share your full identity. All the best.


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