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Writing a college admission essay

Updated on February 21, 2011

It’s a time of the year when there are so many prospects lined up in front of a student and much anticipation about achieving them.  End of senior year is a time of mixed emotions and conflicting decisions for many students. There are a million questions in your head, from what college to go to, what subjects to major in, whether you will get admission where you want and even the question of work now or maybe take a break. Either which ways, college essays will be required if you are aspiring for admissions to begin a new chapter in your life.

There are certain important points that a student should bear in mind when considering applying for college. These are essential and will be what you will get evaluated on.

Write honestly. Work on portraying a real honest picture of who you are what your aspirations are. Remember that the people on the board would have seen a million admissions in the past years and will be able to see through the façade you try to create right away.

Stick to the facts. When you write your college application essay do not try to gather brownie points by writing a long tale of how you struggled or cook up a story to get their attention. They would want straight facts about you, your achievements and your dreams.  Paint a confident and clear picture.

Work within the specifics. Understand what they have asked you to write on in the essay and stick to it when you work on it. Do not deviate from the point to include unnecessary facts, it will simply irritate your examiners.

Understand expectations. A college essay is the first preview the examiners get of who you are and what you plan to do. Whatever you write, even if it is your weaknesses, make sure you portray it in a positive manner. Think carefully but do not misconstrue facts as it will not get you anywhere.

Look at old essays. There will be plenty of applicants who are aspiring for a seat in the college. These days the internet is full of essay writing services as well. Rather than simply getting them to write one out which will not reflect your personality or who you are no matter how well you pay them, look at samples and take inputs from them but don’t pass off some paid essay as your work.

Blow your trumpet in moderation. If you are talking about your achievements and your accolades, make sure you mention things you have actually done, have proof in the form of certifications and so on. If you simply bluff about things you have not done, they will know and you will lose out.


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