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Yogasana and Its Rues to Be Followed

Updated on August 4, 2014

Different yog asanas

Yogasana is a physical accomplishment

Yogasana is not an ordinary act a person do but it is a physical accomplishment
which requires certain rules,such as discipline, confidence and continuity of asanas.Regular practice is a must to get benefits . Before doing yogasana, it is important to know what is a Yogasana. Taking precautions while doing asana is also necessary. In fact, if precautions are not taken, it may cause harm instead of benefit. It is not like any other physical exercise done by a sport person or a body builder.Before doing asana always clear your bowel and your bladder, avoid doing asana if you have constipation first try to have clear bowel by having triphala with warm water and plenty of water to clean your system .You may have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea if you have the habit of it.It good if you can avoid the intake of it .eat after one hour of doing asanas.It is recommendable if these asanas are done before dawn and after dusk ,it is good and healthy if difficult yoga asanas are done in the morning and easy ones in the evening.The key tool to success story of doing asana is to be dedicated ,regular and courage to overcome all the odd and do asanas regularly without any interruption, laziness, carelessness and the simple way is to be focused and have purity of mind and soul to stick to your habit of doing asanas. Instilling the feeling of friendliness, compassion,bliss and hopefulness within oneself is best .Yog sadhna in other words is tied with the element of regularity and continuity and it is a best simple way of living. One who practices Yoga Asanas attains the beauty of body and mind both at the same time.

Practicing of yoga asana should be done at a silent place which should be clean,airy and germ free place.
Yoga asana should be done on an even ground one should use a carpet or a rug.
one should keep his eyes open and muscles tension free if you are a beginner.Once you are comfortable with your asanas you can shut your eyes while doing them .
The body should be active and the mind inactive while doing asanas. However, alertness and precautions should not be left out.
Breathing should be done through nostrils. Breathing through the mouth may prove harmful.
Sheershaasan is prohibited for suffers of Diabetes and Blood pressure. They should avoid
Sarvangasana. that requires forward bending are beneficial for such patients.but are to be avoided by the people suffering from back pain.
women should avoid practicing Yoga Asanas during menstruation because during this time,the cavity of uterus remains open, so On doing yoga, there may be profuse bleeding or other complications may arise.
During pregnancy, one should not practice Yoga Asanas. Only after the 3 months of pregnancy,easy posture of yoga Asana should be undertaken with the advice of your doctor.

It is not advisable to do Yoga Asana if your senses are excited with sexual thoughts
because it may give rise to several diseases

Practice of yoga Asanas only under the care of a person who is well versed in the practice
of yoga Asanas when you are a beginner.wear lose clothes while doing Asana
Do not take bath or take hot or cold liquids just after the practice of yoga asanas.
Sit in a comfortable posture , Keep your eyes
closed for 10 minutes and relax , let the work out work on you you may lie down quietly if you wish .you may give a stroll if you feel like moving.
Avoid negative thinking because it will keep depression at bay .People who think negatively consume more food. As a result,Therefore their chances of falling ill increase.Thus keep yourself busy in the positive activities.enjoy the nature if ever you feed depressed it will help you to come out of negativity.
People with positive and optimistic thoughts always remain smart and fit.They enjoy the bliss of perennial youth for a longer period of their life than the people who feel negative.

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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 6 years ago

      nonu,have clear bowels means you have great metabolism ,so it is very clear the if one does not have clear bowels one suffers many problem of health.

    • profile image

      nonu 6 years ago

      if d bowels r nt clear dan will it affect badly?