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Yellowstone Park, a must see!

Updated on April 25, 2016

Welcome to Yellowstone

Where the deer and the antelope roam--and buffalo!

If you love being out in the wilderness, but close to town, Yellowstone National park is waiting to welcome you. It is amazingly beautiful with streams running beside the roadway, hundreds of hot water spots squirting up as you drive by, and you haven't even reached the "daddy" of them all! There are places to stop along the way for a picnic and to stretch your legs before pulling back out into the traffic....of course there is traffic, you will not be the only family that wants to see the natural beauty of the area.

And then the traffic slows to a crawl....and then up ahead a few Buffalo decide to meander across the road. That is when you get to see them up close. They don't just quickly cross the road. They start accross then decide to walk up the side of the road for a ways before venturing off to the other side. It is amazing how large they are. As large as the car you are sitting in!

Buffalo are huge!

This was a BIG BOY!  We quietly let him walk on by
This was a BIG BOY! We quietly let him walk on by

Antelope crossing a stream

When you see a car or more stopped ahead get ready to park your car because it means they see something off road worth stopping for. There is always someone who doesn't read the signs that say, " Don't get closer than ___ feet or yards or maybe even more" and then suddenly a forest ranger appears in the crowd and makes them aware to get themselves back--NOW!


Old Faithful

When you reach the main area of the park, you have arrived at Old Faithful, the granddaddy of all geysers. When we arrived there I found a place to sit down (on a log) and Gary decided to fight the crowd to take some good pictures as the water raised higher and higher. I figured I could see it just as well from my vantage point as it does rise quite high into the sky!

This spot is very close to the huge Gift Shop but that is a subject for a different time!

Old Faithful
Old Faithful
Old Faithful
Old Faithful
The gift shop at Yellowstone
The gift shop at Yellowstone

The Gift shop!

The picture above is the Gift Shop I mentioned a bit ago. It is really large, full of millions of items to purchase for all your friends and family who have never been to Yellowstone Park. You can spend a fortune in there to only take what you can afford inside and leave your credit cards locked in your car. Or RV, truck, whatever you are traveling in.

When you leave the Geyser area , you might be ready to look for a picnic area where you can stop, rest and pig out on those sandwiches you packed into your ice chest before leaving your hotel or where ever you are staying. there are numerous dude ranches, hotels, etc. Possibly a B&B or two. We chose a ranch cabin nearby that had horses, trail-rides, a little pond with paddle boats.....uppps can't tell you about that now, that is another hub to come later!!!

Here I am, enjoying the picnic lunch we brought from our cabin. WE stayed in a cabin on a ranch with horse back rides, etc. OOPPPS can't tell you about that now. That is another HUB to be written in the near future.
Here I am, enjoying the picnic lunch we brought from our cabin. WE stayed in a cabin on a ranch with horse back rides, etc. OOPPPS can't tell you about that now. That is another HUB to be written in the near future.

Well folks, its been fun taking you along on our Yellowstone trip. I will leave you with the BEAR FACTS or PHOTOS and hope you get to travel to the park real soon.


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