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You Cannot Afford to Avoid These 8 JEE MAIN tips

Updated on November 20, 2017

If you are preparing for a tough competitive exam there is no need to stress yourself more and more. On the contrary you should be relaxed, more focused and mentally tougher. In order to be so, you may take down some unusual tips which will help you from now on and guide you through the exam. There is actually nothing very unusual about these tips but I don’t know why even experts miss out on these important basics.


1. Start Believing Yourself.

If you're trying to put in a great effort but hardly have any belief in your own ability there is no use appearing in the exam. Start telling yourself, "I'm preparing by the sweat of brow and there is nothing that can stop me." I have said much about this in one of my previous articles, which you may read by visiting the link below.


2. Develop Clarity of Thought About the Course of Action in Case of Solving Problems

What I want to state is that you need to practise the art of thinking clearly. As soon as you come across a question, say a numerical problem in Physics, many thoughts in your head will start pulling your attention in their own directions.

But you have to be an expert at guessing which course of action is the most appropriate one to solve this problem. It comes through practice. At the end of studies everyday solve model questions, guess-questions or previous years’ questions.

Clear thinking consists in picking up right thoughts and discarding the wrong, distracting ones. Start thinking from the basics. Build up thought sequence logically which take you towards the solution.

3. Decide Your Game Plan Quite Ahead of the Exam Date.

I am not talking about you’re your study plan. I am saying you should chalk out your strategy of taking the exam when the exam is still 3-4 months away. I mean you should ask questions like

  • Which section (Physics, Chemistry or Mathematics) I'd take first?
  • If I face a tough problem, should I try hard to solve it or should I leave it in the first go?
  • What will be the pattern of my revision just on the eve of the examination?

And so on.

Keep tweaking it to make it more productive. But about 15 days before the exam, fix it. Play and practice mock papers with this plan.

4. Know Your Exam Venue Far in Advance

You will be allotted your exam centre perhaps about a month before the exam. Provided you have enough time, you may visit your exam centre once, say 3-4 days before the exam. If you know your venue well then there is no need to make a pre-visit. Why I stress this point is because two years back many students had missed the exam since there was huge traffic on the day of the exam and the candidates could not reach the venue in time. So it is also wise to start for the venue quite early so as to avoid any las moment jitters.


5. Mental Toughness

Many stages come during the preparation and just before the exam where things appear difficult. But you must hold on and continue with your progress steadily. This depends on how tough you mentally are or how much you have developed this trait in you.

In 2013 I took my son to the exam venue when it was still about an hour to the start of the exam. Owing to a row with a parent the security persons on the gate did not allow anybody inside the centre till there were only 5 minutes remaining for the start of the exam. There was a lot of hue and cry at the gate.

This distracted many a candidate’s attention including my son's too. What I mean to say is there may come up unforeseen obstacles in the way of your success. You may face a change of pattern of the question paper. But if you are tough enough you will just whisk past such factors.

6. Think about the Minutest Details of the Exam

In the final merit list the position of the successful candidates goes up or down due to differences of minutest percentile figures. If you compare your activities before and during the exam with such minute variations in percentile you will find that edging out candidates in the merit list consists in thinking and planning for the minutest details.

See how you can save a second, how you can avoid a negative mark, how your start does not become slow, which parts of the question paper eat up less time and so should be attended first etc. are some of such details which must be planned well. You may think of and act upon many more such things.

7. Keep at Bay the Last Minute Pressures.

Even well prepared candidates leave out many things for the end moments and stress themselves in the last minutes just before the exam. This is a bad practice. Think well of what you can do and to what extent you should do.

Prepare as much as you can keeping sufficient time with you and do not plan anything new on the eve of the exam. Feel that you have prepared well for the exam and you are going to perform excellently in the exam.


8. Always Remember You Will Get Ample Opportunities

If you think that everything depends on this exam, chances are, your tension will contort your psyche into such a bad shape that you may not fare well. Keep in mind that life itself is a far more important exam and it gives you ample chances to prove yourself.

This is just one of the manifold chances that the life has, up its sleeve. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet did not clear SAT but there are hardly any success stories like theirs. Thinking so will keep your attitude correct and controlled. Be relaxed and appear the exam in a happy mood and be ready to take the challenge from the front.


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