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You and Me and the Subconscious Mind

Updated on June 21, 2012

What a beautiful world our sense of sight reveals

Are our minds only contained in our skulls?

I wonder how many of us realize that we are not completely separate individuals. I suspect very few. Most think that we end at our skins, this is our boundary, and that our minds are contained in our skulls. Moreover, that the only way we can communicate is through our senses of touch, hearing, sight, and to a lesser extent, taste and smell

We squabble about opposing ideas - but they are simply thought forms

No so! We are not separate. We are all conjoined. We are all part of The One - The All. You might call this ALL, God, the Almighty, or Infinite Intelligence. Our ignorant conscious learning, in cohorts with our egocentricity might even take umbrage at these labels and decide to fight with others who use different man-made titles such as Allah, Jehovah, Christ Consciousness, or the Buddha Mind. But to this All it matters little. Religion is a man-made thing. We squabble about solidified and crystallized ideas here.

It's a pity we spend so much time NOT seeing it

We ARE all part of this great sub consciousness

To repeat: we are all part of this All. I could say that we are all linked at deep levels of our subconscious minds but this would not be correct. We ARE this great sub consciousness, this all pervading, and everywhere ‘something’ which is manifesting itself through our seemingly completely individual bodies and seemingly individual minds. By way of analogy let me try to explain. But to reiterate we ARE part of this great sub consciousness.

Where are clouds before they form? They are beyond our ken until we can sense them. But, oh, how limited are senses!

Let us imagine you are looking up at a sky in which there are no clouds. No, not a one. Not even a trace of cirrus high up. Now let us assume you give a name to all this blue sky and you call it The All. Remember, ‘The All’ is just a label we’ve put on a concept. So, to repeat myself, you can see no clouds because none as yet have manifested. Then comes a slight drop in temperature as some of this All – the blue sky containing its air passes over, say, the top of a tree- clad mountain. Suddenly there appears to be something quite different. Now you can see something. Yes, a cloud. You can now see a cloud!

But what is the cloud made up of?

Like the sea, the surface of the mind can be stormy

It seems that something has come out of nothing - but that cannot be

Tiny water droplets! It was once water vapour – invisible. Now a part of The All is made up of tiny water droplets held in suspension in the air which have precipitated out of what once appeared to be nothing. Something has come from nothing! Not really, of course, but it would seem that way to those who were unfamiliar with how clouds are formed.

Our very limited senses determine what is REAL and what is not there

So where was it before it formed? It was there in The All. The only difference is that because of the temperature drop, and a lowering of frequency of an energy which was once invisible, you now have something that is tangible – you can see it. Moreover, if you could get up there next to it you would feel its wetness. You would say, “Yes, this is real,” whereas the invisibility of The All, was unreal, as far as your senses were concerned. “No, there was definitely nothing there” we would have said, had we been relying entirely on our sense of sight.

We know, of course, that there was something there. In this case, invisible water vapour held in the atmosphere. Our scientific learning told us this. We may not know everything, but we certainly knew this.

Now for the quantum leap.

But the deep, deep down it is serene

The greater part of us all IS The All. We are spiritual beings experiencing an earth life

You – and everyone else – yes, and everything else – is the invisible vapour which, due to a ‘temperature drop’ or a change in vibration and therefore a change in frequency, now manifests at levels that can be picked up by our senses. We, precipitate out of the All. Our physical bodies and our conditioned conscious minds are vibrating at a different rate than that from which we originated. Most of our being is ‘still back there’ in the blue. The greater part of us is The All.

The big problem is we identify with the Stream of Thought

As it was put to me some years ago, we are like a man dangling the end of one little finger into a stream. This stream is thought. The stream is not completely clean. It is polluted. To some it is very polluted, to others less so. But few see clearly from this finger tip view. Our problems come from identifying with the ‘thought stream’ in which we are partially immersed. We think we are the thought. We think we are the emotion. And nearly all of us believe we are our physical bodies, even though the physical body we now possess is not the one we had earlier in our life – every cell has changed, and changed many times!

There is nothing more important than loving those around us

The only way Infinite Knowing can experience Itself is by becoming lesser than Itself

This confusion has resulted because a tiny fraction of what we are (let call this our individual soul) has chosen to experience itself in a different dimension, and the only way it could do this was to become lesser than The All. Neale Donald Walsch’s story of The Little Soul and the Sun describes this well.

At deep levels of our subconscious we know we are The All. We can even communicate with one another and do so, at this level, hence the positive results of so many ESP experiments.

Hence our being able to pick up the ‘atmosphere’ in, say, a room full of people when there is nothing evidential to tell us how these people are feeling. And let me make this clear.

No scientific field has been so thorough for so long as the testing as to the validity of Extra Sensory Perception (Prof J. B Rhine started testing ESP statistically back in 1929) it is no longer hypothesis or theory. It is proven.

"The love that we long to receive from others originates from the love we grow from within our own hearts" (Henry Reed)

Subconscious mind to subconscious mind - this is the link

Oh, and I add that a subconscious link is also connected to people who are no longer ‘of this world.’ We do have connection from our subconscious mind to the subconscious mind of people who have ‘gone before.’ The Collective Mind of Carl G Jung lies is available to us via our subconscious mind. As is something even greater, The Infinite Mind.

Thinking about it? Try silence...and let your Intuition provide the insights

But I’ve said enough for this short piece. If you only take away the message that you are linked to all other human beings at a deeper level and are not the discrete, stand alone individual you think you are, the message I present here will be enough. Well, enough perhaps, to get you interested in finding out more about yourself and your relationship with your Higher Self… and your Higher Self’s relationship to The All.


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