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You know you've studied too much when...

Updated on June 9, 2014

Tom Burns' Essential Study Skills

  • You are watching an old movie and see a detail you've never seen before, and you think, "If there was a test about this movie, that would totally be on it."
  • You spend hours studying just to get a C, and your friend goes out to party and gets the best score in the class... is it worth it? Mnemonics are a scientifically proven way to help get down study material.
  • You come back to a difficult question more than three times. Just guess already, and try not to spend longer than 90 seconds making a decision.

  • You have five rounds of study snacks in a night. How long have you been studying? How many chips have you had in the last hour? You should eat to keep up your studying stamina, but make sure it's healthy food and not junk food.
  • Your local Starbucks knows your favorite drink come midterm time. You might want to turn to caffeine to help you cope with studying, but it will temporarily give you a boost and then take you down with a crash. Not only will the caffeine stay in your system so long that it can affect your sleep, but it can lead to headaches and heart irregularies.Try something more natural, like exercise and a good diet, and stay away from the Red Bulls (which are shown to be bad for teenagers anyway... doctors fear they can grow almost dependent on energy drinks and may fall into a dangerous cycle. Also, many energy drinks contain a lot of Vitamin B, too much of which can negatively affect your heartbeat).
  • You wish you had studied more earlier. This is something a lot of students say. It's best to spread studying out so it's not all last-minute. It's more likely to stick that way, anyway.
  • All you can think about is how much this test means. Don't stress yourself out thinking about what will happen to you if this test doesn't go well. It will just add to your test-taking anxiety and can lead to worse results. Just try to study smartly earlier on so you don't get stuck in an unfavorable situation later.
  • Your mom is more acquainted with your study group than your boyfriend or girlfriend. It's okay to study with others; in fact, it is recommended for many standardized tests. However, make sure it's a good group and not one that you will just end up chatting and gossiping with.
  • Your favorite place to go after class is your teacher's office. It's not for any fun, either. A teacher's office hours are a great resource to take advantage of. Sometimes, however, it's better for the both of you to part ways and do your own thing. I know, it's sad.
  • You've cleaned your entire house... and your neighbor's. Stop procrastinating! Buckle down and get it done.


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    • profile image

      Online assessments 6 years ago

      studyying isn't left behind at school any more, we're expected to take constant tests in the work place now.

    • fishskinfreak2008 profile image

      fishskinfreak2008 9 years ago from Fremont CA

      Very interesting and useful information!

    • abowie profile image

      abowie 9 years ago from San Francisco

      This is great. I remember cleaning my entire apartment during finals! Cleaning is a stress releaver for me, but it was mainly because I didn't want to sit down and write my papers.