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Your Bank Account Determines what you can Afford to Purchase, Perhaps Your Bank Balance Determines your HAPPINESS?

Updated on July 29, 2015

Your Bank Account Determines what you can Afford to Purchase, Perhaps Your Bank Balance Determines your HAPPINESS

Your Bank Account Determines what you can Afford to Purchase, Perhaps Your Bank Balance Determines your HAPPINESS?

How much are your worth?

Do you have any funds left over in your bank

account after your monthly expenses including

debt orders?

Most of us are endebted from irresponsible

choices ‎we made early in our working career

Including myself.

We work hard we sweat for our monthly incoming

yet the masses are living from hand to mouth.


Shelter food transport to work and back home

educating our selves and our children consume

Most of our funds.

How much can WE save monthly?‎ There is often

very little left for savings on a month to month


How do we break the cycle of Poverty?

There is no quick fix to living from hand to mouth.

Yet we need to raise and not expect hand outs

from our governments , they have their own

ambiguous agenda for our lives and exsistance.

Simply we need to be smarter with our money

Not waste a cent.

Eliminate habits that erode our cash flow such

Smoking drinking excessively and going out

Clubbing unnecessarily.

Plan our holidays with our family and loved ones

to our favorite destinations locally and abroad.

Not wait till our children attend school for them

to understand mathematics languages geography

and physical science.

Life may be unkind yet it is a gift from the universe

and God.

We may not be rich in our youth if we are born

With the odds against us, yet if we plan when

we will start our family have healthy relationships

worship meditate pray work hard and take the

initiative to‎ empower our family by the time we are

grand parents our family may able to afford what

ever they dream off for themselves and their


We need to respect Time.

Only with the grace of good health and time

may we be blessed to have the might to live

materialize our plans and dreams.

You need to have a Plan....

The choices you make in your youth may and will

Linger in your adult life.

Should you start smoking cigarettes at age sixteen

You will smoke throughout your adulthood and

smoking is a very expensive habit to maintain.

Should you fall in love, or think you in love and

have ‎a child with your lover at age 21.

God forbid should you separate with your spouse

you may have to raise a child as a single parent

or should you marry later your child may may

be raised with step brothers or sisters which

Emotionally and Spiritually may get complicated‎.

Can we afford to purchase a shelter our dream

home in our lifetime?

Can we afford to purchase our dream automobile?

Can we afford to give our children a private


How much is your bank account worth?

As sad as it is reality is money determines

What type of class rich middle class or poor class

Let us break the the cycle of Poverty........

Work as Hard as you PRAY.....


Your Bank Account Determines what you can

Afford to Purchase, Perhaps Your Bank Balance

Determines your HAPPINESS?

Make sure your current dwelling place is cosy.

Eat your favorite foods eat nutritious and

healthy. Dress well.

Keep chasing your dreams till the angels are

Calling your name and your time is UP.

Gods Poet Nkosi

Currency and Happiness



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