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Determine Your Eligibility For Additional Discounts With Your AT&T Wireless Plan

Updated on November 28, 2013

Determine your Eligibility for Additional Discounts with Your AT&T Wireless Plan

Many people have accounts with AT&T wireless. A cell phone is almost indispensable in this day and age, providing a useful way to call for help in emergencies and letting you reach out and touch someone whenever you want. But there are lots of available features that change from year to year and these can add up to a bigger bill in a short period of time. To keep from going broke from paying you wireless service bill, you should take a look at all of the available discounts from AT&T. You could be missing out on some serious savings.

Discount through your Employer

Some companies offer an employee discount through a program they have set up with AT&T. To be eligible, you must either work for AT&T or one of the participating businesses on their current list. If you are unsure about whether or not you are eligible, just contact a customer service representative or go the the AT&t wireless site online. there are some rules surrounding the eligibility of certain accounts. You must make a two year agreement when you sign up and the calling plan you choose must be one that has discount qualification. You can also check in at your human resources office at your place of employment to determine if there are discounts available for you.

Teachers & Federal Workers

School districts also often have special discounts for teachers, as do those who work for the federal government. You will still face the same regulations regarding a two year qualifying plan. These programs do vary, but educators and employees of the federal government can expect to save as much as 20% off their monthly bills through AT7t wireless. You will likely need to provide proof that your are employed with one of these organizations. These plans also often cover universities, so you should absolutely check to see if your employer is signed up for this type of program.

Discounts for Students

Just because you are not an employee of the school doesn't mean you won't qualify for a discount on your AT&T wireless. Students may also be eligible for certain discounts on the service. You should check out the AT&T wireless site to determine if your school participates in the discount program. If you are a current student you can research your eligibility just as an employee of the school would. You will need to provide an up to date email address for your school. You can enter the email address in AT&T "Qualify for Discounts" box, they will send you an email with a link that will provide information about signing up. The discount may go well beyond your monthly wireless calls. As a student you may also be able to save on products you purchase through AT&T. You should see discounts in a range from 3% to 20%.

Calling plans for Senior Citizens

There are several cell phone plans with discounts for those in the senior citizen demographic. AT7t wireless features programs that are designed to provide discounts to senior citizens. these types of plans are often very basic with a couple of options for features, but do not provide all of the bells and whistles that seniors usually will not use. You must be at least 65 and you can expect to pay roughly $30 a month with AT&T wireless. You will still be responsible for fees related to overages every month.

Discounts on Wireless for Union Members

AT&T also has wireless plans with discounts for those that are members of a Union. These discounts usually run around 10% off of your total bill each month. the list of eligible unions includes: the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, the Service Employees International Union, and the Communication Workers of America.

Internet Discounts with AT&T

There is another option for saving on your AT&T wireless plan no matter what your personal affiliation. You can search online for coupons and discount codes that can be used by customers who are new to AT&T and existing customers, for discounts on product purchase or possibly your monthly services. there are some restrictions with these types of discounts and they do have an expiration date that you need to look out for. You should search for current available coupons before you make any purchase of product or wireless service through AT&T. You can certainly get the lowest possible cell phone bill by seeking out the most discounts available to you online, through your company, and through your personal affiliations.

Drop Some Phone Bill Weight With AT&T Wireless Coupons

In the business world, discount coupons and promotional codes are the heavy hitters. Everyone wants to save some money anywhere they can. Promotional codes and discount coupons lure customers to new companies. Promotional offers are the means by which companies compete with one another. They draw in customers with the promise of savings. When faced with a company they can use promotional codes or discount coupons with versus one with whom they cannot, consumers are more likely to go with the former. Saving money is a huge psychological pull for the consumer. People like the idea of getting a deal, shaving something off the price, and getting a discount. The idea is so much more attractive than paying full price. Just meeting your daily expenses and routine bills is a struggle for many consumers. Our world is an expensive place and it gets more so every day. Exclusive offers, promotional codes, and discount coupons make companies more attractive to the consumer. This brings companies to a higher level of market share. The global market is attracted to the discount. Most companies follow the same approach. This strategy is employed by many companies the world over.

AT&T Coupons For New And Existing Customers

AT&T is a very popular telephone and internet provider. Its market is stretched across the nation. This company likes to employ promotional codes and discount coupons. AT&T is a pioneer in the communication industry. They have been blazing a trail for decades and their customer base is large. Customer loyalty is one thing, but the promise of discounts is a rich temptation for many consumers. The AT&T wireless coupon is pulling in customers and helping out existing AT&T customers with their bills as well. This has helped AT&T to attract new customers to their services and generate positive feelings among current consumers.

How Do Coupons Work?

The coupon provides a promotional code. This code entitles the customer to apply savings to their bill. When customers check out their coupons, they need only to grab their latest bill to rake up the savings. The promotional code gives them benefits not offered to people who don't have the coupon. Their phone bill is substantially reduced as a result of this promotional code. The restriction on this promotional code is two years. For two years loyalty to AT&T, the customer enjoys a discount off their sizable phone bill and communication charges. Educational institutions are involved in the agreement to provide this promotional code from AT&T. Agreements have been signed with many companies to make these discounts happen. But the education institutions have made an agreement that allow benefits for teachers and students.

This allows students to get the discount without having to agree to a two year plan with AT&T. The promotional code still gives them a discount off their phone bill, but they do not have to commit to anything. For students, the promotional codes will work as a discount off of other services available from AT&T as well. The promotional codes are under an expiration date. The AT&T company will recognize these promotional codes for a limited time. If you are searching the internet for a promotional code, then you need to use caution. The AT&T promotional code must be exercised before the expiration date printed on the coupon. Check the coupon before you try to use it to pay your phone bill and get a discount. These discounts directly impact your daily life and expenses. It is nice to get a discount on things you already use.

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