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Zeus God and King of the Heavens

Updated on March 15, 2015

Zeus God and King of the Heavens


The Son of Cronos.

Zeus God of the Heavens and conquer of the


Zeus is the God Head of the hierarchy of the Kingdom of God's Kings and Rulers in

Greek ‎Mythology.

Zeus ruled over all life foe and friend using

The lightening bolt.

It is said Zeus would strike down kings on

Earth that were disobedient and even


You ask how is Zeus relevant in the 21st Century.

Mythology as Parables are often used in the new testament in the Holy Bible instil faith and shape our believes giving one hope when challenged and in desire.

Jesus and his disciples.

Mohammad and ‎the Mosque.

Buddha and Nirvana.

Zeus and his lightening BOLT.

Electricity is the life force of nature

Naturally through lightening.

Picture this.....

In our homes our plugs when appliances

Are plugged in through the transfer of energy

We have volts 220v that make it possible to

Switch on a stove and cook our food.

Electricity to switch on the ‎kettle and make coffee or tea.

Electricity to switch on the iron and iron our clothing.

Electricity to switch on our lights.

Electricity to turn on our lap tops and


Electricity to play TV Games.

Electricity to charge our camcorders

And digital cameras.

Electricity to charge and listen to our ipods

And MP3 players.

Electricity to watch Television.

Electricity to listen to the radio.

Electricity to charge our cell phones.

When we want to travel locally

Our cars for the ignition to switch on

The battery switches the car on.

For us to be able to travel to work

School or the nearest mall.

Robots are electricity operated.

The street lights which light up our streets

At night, operate from electricity.

Trains operate by electricity.

Some ships use coal yet coal is used to generate


We all look at Time.......

To plan our day and schedule our appointments

And meetings.

Most watches operate with batteries....

When we eventually become Angels

And our souls leave the body the pulse

Of the heart can no longer sustain life.

We meet our demise.

Gods Poet Nkosi


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