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a practical exploding universe

Updated on September 25, 2008

an exploding one direction...???


About the universe

The universe is not unlike a ball attached to a bat by a rubber band that flies out in all directions when batted. The batted ball represents universal matter racing in an outward direction from the exploding bat of compressed gravitational energy. Once the ball is in an outward motion and the rubber band reaches a tension greater than the force of the exploding energy behind it, the rubber band (gravity) pulls the ball back to the bat. When gravity pulls the masses of galaxies and debris back into a compressed sphere of great enough density to cause critical mass, another explosion is triggered and the whole of universal matter is off once again, in outward directions, stretching the rubber band to its limits and forming new galaxies and debris trails along the way, on yet another ‘big bang'. Universal matter is currently expanding and planet earth has been born on an outward burst. An exploding universe in an outward direction forever seems unlikely. The universe has surely always been and always will be in existence.


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