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a waste of whale meat

Updated on February 17, 2011
whale meat
whale meat

The ocean is home to many varieties of fish, and offers the largest food source for animals and fish of the world, as well as people. Although we eat fish everyday, there seems to be a sensitive issue when it comes to eating whale meat. A whale is a type of fish after all so why shouldn't we eat it? Well it is technically a mammal, but it does resemble a fish and live like a fish, so whats wrong with whale and chips?

There seems to be a majority belief among most western people that eating whales is not nice, and is evil and cruel. Yet Eskimos traditionally catch whales every year, an have a festival thanking the sea for the whale meat which is considered a delicacy.

Every year, in the migration from Iceland and Alaska, to New Zealand, hundreds of pods of whales are travel the distance. What many people don't realize is that a few of these whales end up beached on new Zealand shores. They end up dead due to the lack of water, and the warm heat. There is a tradition in new Zealand to then bury the mammals in the ground.

whale meat being cut by eskimos

whale meat being cut by eskimos
whale meat being cut by eskimos

Instead of burying the whale meat, we should be freezing it, and shipping it off to the countries that hunt the whale. This will allow the countries who fish the whales to reduce their hunting practices, and it makes environmentally sense if these whales are dead.

Whale meat keeps good for longer periods of time, and so it would be easy to ship it to places like Alaska, and also Japan. Although we still might consider it cruel to eat whale, we should be able to separate our feelings from using a valuable resource that is going to waste by burying it in the ground. Sure the worms and local maggots will get a good source of food, but they don't really need it anyway. It makes much more sense to use the whale meat instead of just wasting it, when there is a market available to sell it to, and help reduce the hunting of whales by even a small percent.

Eskimo traditional festival where whale meat is gathered for the people.
Eskimo traditional festival where whale meat is gathered for the people.


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    • profile image

      bob 6 years ago

      mate, the reason we shouldn't hunt them is because most of them are an endangered species.