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African folklore that teaches the importance of mothers

Updated on December 8, 2012

African folklore that teaches the importance of mothers

Folklore are stories handed down from generation to generation and most of them offers important moral lessons. This folklore reinforces the importance of mothers because at the end of the day tortoise became the hero as he self -guarded his mother against all odds.



African folklore that teaches the importance of mothers

African folklore that teaches the wisdom of tortoise

Folklore are stories handed down from generation to generation ,which is used to teach morals to young ones .Most of them are fiction because some of them involve animals performing feats that are only possible in the imagination .At- any -rate ,all of them teaches one lesson or the other . They are always captivating to the young ones

This particular story happened a long- time ago in the animal kingdom. There was so much hunger and famine in the land that all the animals uprooted their crops from the ground and consumed them .It was unanimously agreed that in-order to stave off the hunger ,all animals must donate their mother to be eaten . This meeting was chaired by the lion,their leader by reason of his sheer strength .This was forced down the throats of all the other animals because in the presence of all of them,the lion dragged his poor old mother and bite off her neck and there was merriment and celebration as feasting continued.

The other animals including the elephant followed the exemplary move of their leader and soon both small and large animal , the tiger inclusive donated their mothers to the big feast but this only provided temporary succor because after all the mothers had been exhausted the famine grew worst.

However , the tortoise spurned a big lie to the other animals that his mother died of strange and infectious sickness and had been buried .All the animals had pity on him and even mourned the death with him .Unbeknown to them he hid his mother in a very tall tree and visits her every night for his supper .Tortoise and his mother alone knows the password that would drop the rope for climbing the tree.

Trust mothers they know how to make a plan ,soon enough ,the famine was at it's peak and the animals were so emaciated that all of them became half their normal size but the tortoise has tripled in size . He looked fresher and plump unperturbed by the grinding poverty

Other animals monitored the tortoise to the tree and uncovered his secret and his password . One day some of the animals went behind his back to climb the tree using his password to force down the rope . They have hardly reached the top when tortoise realized their plot and activated the other password he agreed with his mother in situations like this . The mother cut the rope and all the animals landed on the ground with a heavy thud and died.

This is why children should be taught with folklore because the stories and the morals would remain evergreen in their minds.


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