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The Age of Commercialism: Its Health, Business and Ethical Impacts in the Modern Society.

Updated on April 1, 2010
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Christopher F. Bueno is currently the Dean of the College of Education, University of Northern Philippines, Vigan City.

       In recent time, the socio-cultural development of the society has been transform to a decayed of unhealthy commercialism. The social consciousness is reflected from the audio-visual modeling of the regenerating teen culture that gradually made up of the societal class of the modern homo-sapiens in the 21st century. They expose themselves into harmful commercial advertising that also reflected the social stature of the individual. Their cultures are no longer the by-product of tribal and ethnic culture but the booming culture of media and entertainment commercialism though television and movies including the exposure of the modern information technology in the use of computers and internet.

       The social scientists agree that almost two-third of the life cycle interactions are expose to the medium of learning on the culture of society through long hours of watching in the television and using the internet of the computers. The social impact exposes on the transformed breed of behavior that the basis is on the norms, fads, and fashions on movies and advertisements with a human settings of violence, sexual scenario, elitism, and the physiological desires that exposes the vanity of “money” in this material world. The valuing process of human conscience no longer of significance as teenagers and young professionals working hard to fulfill the gratification of wealth and powering the society.

       What is alarming in the 21st century is the human activities particularly the children and teenagers who are the future of the nation are primarily expose to computer and video games with zero physical activities. The worst part the human activities are now using the computer internet on all forms of societal activities. There are media and computer influence that have now glaring effects in the society. These are the result of their constant societal learning on sex and violence, crime and love, money and power. This human compassion of wealth results to the diminishing ethical and personal values of society.

These are health problems as a possible scenario after ten years of booming commercialism for the children and teenagers: (1) Obesity; (2) Poor Eye sight; (3) Unstable behavior and suicidal tendencies; (4) diabetes, hypertension, cancer and heart disease; and (5) sexual erection and libido.

In the business world, there will still be the sustained booming of pharmaceutical companies, fast food chains, malls, electronic products and gadgets, media and entertainment, internet websites and social networking, modern appliances, cars, transport system, cell phones and beauty/cosmetic products.

Finally, the ethical values will be descending apocalyptic revelations as a result of the intellectual exposures of media and entertainment images of crimes, violence, sexual perversion, vanity, and elitism. The religious dogmas, beliefs and traditions of past will remain in the archive of anthropology. Watch out the coming of revelation!


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    • topstuff profile image

      topstuff 8 years ago

      Perhaps nowadays one other major health problem being faced is Depression.