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An Open Letter To Malicious and Shallow-Minded Peoples of Planet Earth by SUNNY ACHE

Updated on January 3, 2017

Making someone look ugly intentionally over their inescapable natural misfortune to make yourself look beautiful? Take a good look at yourself in the mirror...

I find it somewhat hard to comprehend the essence of generating an out-of-the-blue hatred and envy towards a thriving fellow human being who obviously appears to be a complete introvert, especially by a sad person who has only briefly been in contact with them, on and off over a period of a few months. Being relatively unknown to them, they are by no means privy to any details of their true background or knowledge of their true persona; rather, they are holding steadfast to an unprovoked grudge, even when the feeling’s not mutual. Moreover, with further efforts, they try to cultivate discord between them and their potential friends—even those already known to them for decades—with the mutual perception of integrity. They edge ever closer to making fools of themselves without a shred of a credible reason to orchestrate trumped-up accusations and/or start an open face-to-face ruckus so as to victimize them, especially when in a position of unexpected power (in a grocery store supervision or management, a fried chicken joint manager, friend or a lover of a police officer willing to abuse their power). They get in over their heads, motivating them to talk down to people they obviously do not measure up to academically, financially and/or morally just to make themselves look better off and more acceptable to a class they do not qualify, using any desperate action, even if it means ruining the other person’s reputation and livelihood with a display of malicious grievances.

Such people also never accept faults for a fight they apparently started by pushing the buttons of individuals minding their own business. They become defensive about others’ reactions, allowing deep-rooted bitterness to grow inside them so as to feel even in their move to make their innocent victim suffer. They endeavor to break ties that their victims have with affluent friends and business partners. They love to see them homeless and even harbor the hope of getting wind of their obituary without considering their own mortally or the fact that death is inevitable for everyone. Any form illness could unexpectedly catch up with a person of any class, from cancer to any sort of disability. As long as there’s life, aging is also inescapable.

Just because one does not get along with you does not mean he/she should be obviated by everyone else in the entire world. NO! It doesn’t work that way. We are all souls in groups of different vibrations, which undeniably means that, in as much as your radiant energy in this present dimension bonds well with a particular individual, that individual’s energy does not necessarily radiate a negative reaction towards another person. That’s the unfortunate basic reality of incarnation taking shelter inside the physical human body during your sojourn here on planet earth. A human body is designed with urges to indulge in and derive pleasure from imperfection and wickedness towards others in a world where the five senses happen to be the only accepted source of the acquisition of unquestionable details. Although the sixth sense which is in all perfection (and undeniably behind the motivation of unconditional love, but only in the spiritual dimension fully accessible outside the human body) unconsciously triggers our everyday judgments and decisions, it remains dormant in this present dimension, where revelations via the sixth sense are not formally admittable in circulation. We partially loose memories of how connected we all are in the divine realm, from which we all originated, and never feel hatred or display spitefulness towards each other irrespective of the levels of our various vibrations. This is coupled with the distraction of overwhelming global vanities and the media’s perpetual brainwashing publicity that gets a firm grip on our five senses, obstructing our connection with our sixth sense. As a result, most of us end up or are brought up in a situation of illiteracy in unconditional love that we all possess outside our earthly bodies.

The worst part of such shameful and self-degrading actions of making someone look bad to make yourself look good is that those who are so deeply shallow, with no access to the creative part of their mental capacity, who always indulge in speculating and exaggerating misinformation about a fellow human being by capitalizing on a piece of information lacking credibility, without considering the side of the person mentioned, proceed to gossip along when they also (as mentioned earlier) partially know them. Some they even befriend reluctantly just for the benefits, hushing up as soon as the concerned person makes an appearance. If you’re not bold enough to say something to a person’s face, don’t say it behind his or her back. Don’t start a conversation or pursue friendship with someone you may become too embarrassed to be associated with in the presence of your family or your cool, classy friends—that’s such a low class attitude.

To unfairly get ahead of you or get you out of the way when they desperately need something priceless that you ultimately deserve more, in all honesty, such people will use every vindictive tactic to brand you an interloper so that you voluntarily move out of the way. They even play an advantageous card to motivate the decision maker to favor them over you.

Oh, please, just because you comprehend English language and speak it fluently does not make a person who does not unintelligent. They could undeniably be more academically sound than you.

Let’s swap shoes here. How would you feel if you happened to the victim of such immature issues? Please try to empathize.

I would also like to strongly address the games related to people’s physical appearance, especially skinny people held up as “winners” of arguments they most of the time start to have their own selfish way. They call others fat pigs just because they appear to weigh more. They call you a dumb blond(e) as daft as a brush just because they have darker hair. They go so far as to use nationality, ethnicity, religion, age, gender assignment, and sexual preference—anything that plays into their game to make them feel superior, without ever looking in the mirror to see their own obvious lower status.

Who in their right mind would think of imposing physical expectations on a person? How dare you!

So what if a person weighs 250 pounds—why insult them over that? Have you ever considered that she might have some underlying health issues or be on lifetime medication(s) that cause uncontrollable weight gain that no exercise or diet could ever reverse? How about if her bones where naturally structured from birth to keep her at that weight?

Let me pause here for a moment to share a bit of irrelevant relevance—not with malice, but pure shallowness concerning the paragraph above—that irritates every open mind when it comes to hurting others’ feelings. I have on numerous occasions sat around unbelievable male colleagues who openly mount physical expeditions on their dates. One of them actually humiliated a 41-year-old woman he’d taken out on a date by declaring—behind her back—his decision to dump her after one night in bed together just because she had a “spongy belly, saggy breasts and a loose *****”. The woman had given birth to three kids. Hello?! What was he expecting, the taut, wrinkle-free body of an 18-year-old? He was 32 and bald, but the woman overlooked that to date him with honesty not even minding his undersized 3 inches Vienna sausage some of his close friends have mentioned behind his back. I have heard a lot of stupid men make similar comments in group of friends. It’s the same tactic of not looking in the mirror at themselves, but dissecting the looks of a woman who sincerely gives her precious body to a guy. Afterwards, the guy earns some worthless respect from his fellow buddies by criticizing the woman. It is disgusting.

A few months ago, I witnessed an argument between two people in their early 30s. The skinny girl was clearly in the wrong, unintelligibly arguing her way against the tide using the rationale of a junior high school dropout in a loud voice. Meanwhile, the lovely curvy woman remained calm, deciding to ignore her. She finally called for the conductor, who told the obnoxious girl to leave. “Alright, then, I can't be a ***** about”, the skinny lamented as she brushed past me into the aisle. But she had to turn around one last time to insult the other woman settling down in her seat: “Are you happy now, fat f***?” Really? In what world is such a comment necessary or appropriate?

I later had an intelligent conversation with the curvy woman and realized that she’s also a journalist, like myself, and holds a master’s degree. She was well mannered and effused a positive energy—the complete opposite of the rude and obnoxious girl who thinks her skinny body publicly elevates her to a higher status than the curvy one.

Finally, still on biological assignment insults, are you so ignorant to insult a person who had been born hermaphrodite, with both male and female sex organs? Left handed or ambidextrous? We all are born with various forms of mutations in our genes. We can’t fight it. Here’s my honest message to you: Respect societal norms and religious doctrines, but use logic to help wrap your head around proven scientific and/or medical facts to enable you accept people the way they are created, indiscriminately.

Well, I have passionately poured out my experiences and opinion, hoping that if you’re such an individual, you’ll take the time to ponder how someone on the other side feels. Practice empathy. Adjust your life projections, both primary and secondary. God bless.


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