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Are Mermaids Real? Lets State The Facts. . .

Updated on February 11, 2014

Ya ya I know what your thinking mermaids aren't real, but when you think mermaid what comes to mind? Is it fake, not real, and fairy tale, but when I hear mermaid I think true, undiscovered, and government secrets. I am here to convince all the none believers that mermaids are real. First I will tell you some of the reasons people don't believe is because the navy keeps secrets and wont tell the truth and I will explain that now. . .


There are reasons the government doesn't tell the public these things but I'm not afraid of what people will think because there's always nonbelievers and that means people have to choose a side, either they are not a believer, they are a believer, or they don't want to get involved. Ok now to the secrets you probably don't know. Ok the government isn't telling us mermaids exist because my theory is they think it might cause people to get scared of the ocean and be scared of what they might be able to do. Or It could get people mad at them for keeping this a secret. They just don't want humans to know that there are other human like creatures roaming our earth.


The legend of mermaids have been around for like ever. Long ago when cave men drew pictures on walls they sometimes drew pictures of mermaid some people didn't know if they were just drawing there imaginations like fishermen with tales but that didn't explain why it looked like the fishermen and mermaids were fighting and that might be why the mermaids have hidden themselves from us, because us humans have driven them away in the past when we didn't know just how big a deal it would be to find a mermaid. And because of that one mistake the humans have no ideas about what could be the closest thing to us humans in this world.

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The sea ape theory is that seven million year's ago on an unknown island there were apes that were similar to humans in many ways. They lived in the middle of the island unknown about the outside world. One day they left the middle of the island and went to the shore of the island to hunt. At that point they left the forest for the sea, the reason? fish and clams and such. Scientists think that when our ancestors lived on the beach and walked in the water was the way humans learned to stay balanced and walk up right, And scientists also think that when all the clans of our ancestors left to the ocean for food that when they ate all the nuturiance from crabs and clams they got nuturiance like iodine and other fatty acids that humans have today supposedly from the nuturiance our ancestors gathered and ate. But what our ancestors didn't know was that they were changing and so was the world around them. Earthquakes and volcanic activity broke out around them and they were forced to leave there island or find a longer way down the island to stay safe. One group went inland to find shelter and that resulted in us humans but what happened to the group that went to sea? The whole island flooded over and the group that went inland stayed away from the water and went to the middle of the island for shelter but for the other group they stayed in the water not to go back to land. About a million years after they made the choice to stay in water they soon started developing aquatic features like webbed feet and hands and they developed to hold there breath for long amounts of time. After a million years later, they learned to hold there breath minutes at a time they have lost most of there hair and they learn how to make weapons from coral and other sea life but for now they will stay in the darkness. And watch in the darkness to observe they preys weaknesses and just eat the fish that they can catch by hand and later hunt with there weapons to catch much bigger fish. Now a million years later the mermaids swim out in the open sea with there dolphin friends, for now they will play together with the dolphins but later they will learn that they all have an advantage when they travel together and hunt together.

There is a show on which this hub is base on. it's on animal planet called " Mermaids the evidence found " there is also a second one called " Mermaids further evidence." So if this hub interested you please leave a comment below and check out the video at and if you are thinking on looking on the people that were in the show's websites everything about that show and mermaids will be deleted by now, and I know this for a fact because after the first showing on live TV I looked up there websites and all of them were blocked because they had stuff about the mermaids stating they were real. And due to this show people started to take it seriously, and that's what I'm trying to do on this hub. If you liked this hub there a poll asking you if you do or do and please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading this hub!

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the amazing app below is fun its so cool that it will inform you on all sorts of paranormal stuff like UFO's, aliens, paranormal activity's, government meetings. and has lots of fun games like zombie yourself and other cool stuff. So comment how it has worked out for you if you download it. :)


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    • cool2s profile image

      Sevi 4 years ago from Kewaskum, WI

      NicolesVoice thanks for the nice comment. I also love the paranormal.

    • NicolesVoice profile image

      NicolesVoice 4 years ago

      I love paranormal stuff. I think its very interesting and I have seen some weird in my days. This was a good read. Thanks for the info.