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Astronomy news & my views

Updated on May 22, 2011

astronomy news & my views

               Astronomy is a wonderful and beautiful branch of science.It is a basic branch of all faculties of sciences.The study of astronomy gives us infomations about this mysterious universe,about life on earth and on other planets.According to me the whole universe is a cosmic life.Galaxy is a single giant living thing and stars are its childrens.Astar is itself a living thing.The planets and life on them is a wonderful and mysterious thing.

               Astronomy tells us our status on earth.The universe is so gigantic that we canot imagin how big it is ! The millions of galaxies made a universe,may be anather world there.One galaxy contains billions of stars and one star is thousands times bigger than our tiny earth.Even the earth is billon times bigger than us.So we are tiny creatures of this world.The world is also tiniest.We are millon times bigger than microbs and quarks are the tiniest parts of the universe,but as a curious and intelectual animal,man wants to know this world,its origin and end and about all activities going around him

                Central india sky watch group- I am born curious.Ilived at a village where there was no electricity.So i got the apportunity to see all the wonders and bueaties of night skies.I fell in love with stars,planets comets and meteors.I wandered forests and lands in search of knowledge.But i found supperstitions among people so i decided to creat an awareness among them.I founded an astronomical organization "Central india sky watch group' in maharastra,india . I started popularising science and astronomy writting articles,delevering speeches,sky watching through telescope and binoculars,slide shows,etc.Astronomy education increases our understanding of nature.

                  News and views- This site will publish some news and views on astronomy.Your openions are most welcome.I will try to share my views relating to astronomy.Pleasse get advantage of this site in popularising astronomy science for the benefit of commen man.Let the world know all secrets of nature.Thank you very much.

                                                                        Suresh Chopane

                                     President -central india sky watch group,                                                                                                   

Meteorite impact on Jupiter

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.It is always hit by comets and meteorites in space.It is a savior planet for earth because it takes on all attacks leading toward earth.On 16-22 july 1994 20 pieces of comet shoemaker levy hit jupiter,in the same fashion on 19 july  2009 another meteorite hit and left the dark mark the size of pacific ocean,on jupiter.

  Australian amateur astronomer saw a dark spot on jupiter in april-may 2009 and informed NASA about it.With the help of Hubble telescope it was coformed that jupiter was hit by some meteorite.It is surprising that NASA or any other agency did not see it.Had it happened to earth,what great consequences would be suffered for life on earth.( see photoes of jupiter in capsule)

        suresh chopane  -Amateur astronomer,.....president--centra India sky watch group,chandrapur,  INDIA

Meteorite hit Jupiter

Jupiter hit by meteorite on july 19,2009
Jupiter hit by meteorite on july 19,2009 | Source

solar explossion,heat wave on earth

Biggest solar explossion on april 17 ,2010
Biggest solar explossion on april 17 ,2010 | Source
solar photo shows activities
solar photo shows activities | Source
solar activities increased in 2010
solar activities increased in 2010 | Source
tidal tsunamy waves were obsered on sun
tidal tsunamy waves were obsered on sun | Source

Solar explossions,heat wave on earth

   ( April, 17 2010-)-Sun is itself a giant explossive celestial body.We are living because of its energy,but most of the time its anger brings hurricanes,heat waves and distructions on earth.Since last few years sun seems to be furious with lots of explossions,solar winds and flaires.Some of them reached to venus and winds to earth.

On 17 th April 2010 NASA's solar dinamcs observatory saw one of the biggest explossios on sun.In recent years solar activityis and radiation level increased.But this was the biggest explossion.Due to this explossion ,radiation around earth increased and temprature in April to june in india and other countries reached to 49,50 degree celcius.NASA's scientists expressed that it was the biggest explossion on sun in last 50 years they have seen .The temparature on earth is already increasing by pollition.Ice caps are melting,natural disater hitting the earth and to add the sun is furious.Only forest cover and zero level pollution can save humans on earth.( see photoes )

suresh chopane -Amateur astronomer,, president-- central India sky watch group , chandrapur India

Heavy rains & hurricanes by solar flairs in 2010

   ( Nov 15 2010 ) -2010 is the hottest year since last 50 years.The summer was very hot globaly,temparature in india was 49 to 50 degree celcius.When the rainy season started it began with the bang,the heavy rans,hurricanes,flood and lightnings.all these natural desasters killed thousands of civilians in india. The same story was from many countries of the globe .Even in winter season in India since octomber there are heavy ranfall.This is one of the reasons of global warming and climate change.but suddenly only in 2010 why these heavy rains,hurrycanes ,.The low pressure area is built in the sea and oceans but why this year only.With all these evidences,we can come to the conclusion that because of the increased solar explossions ,we have these heat wawes and heavy rains

When the heat wave started in India i found it very hot and abnormal.It broke the records of 50 years.I thought the reason was not on earth but in the sky.I refered and followed N.A.S.A..and observed 'soho's photoes.My conclusion was right.Since March 2010 the Sun was sending huge flairs and winds towards earth.There were many explossions on sun periodically.

From March onward every month there was big explossions on sun.n.a.s.a.repeatedly warned the courned to be careful from solar flairs,winds,and its impacts on earth.I published thif fact in news paper in india and on my article on this site.See some of the solar photoes here.....suresh chopane,amateur astronomer,India

 1)  comet hartley-2 is taken by nasa's EPOX1 on nov.4,2010 from 435 miles.This comet is 1.2  km. long and 0.25 km wide

 2) the second picture is  of Marse.this image is released by nasa on aug.1 ,2007 .This image is called 'Tatooed Marse'.This  is an image of 'Russell crator, dune field' as the marse is too cold the gases on it are solidified making this beautiful picture.

                                                                           suresh chopane

comet Hartley -2 & Marse crator view

close view of comet Hartley-2
close view of comet Hartley-2 | Source
this is an unusual view of Marse's crator.co2 is frozen and made beautiful picture on marse
this is an unusual view of Marse's crator.co2 is frozen and made beautiful picture on marse | Source



Nasa's team found 10 new free floating planets of jupitor size in the inner orbit of the Milky way galaxy ,this year.the team includes japan and newzeal land scientists.The first time we came to know that such planet can form and float around the galaxy.The planets are 10  to 20  light years away from the earth.It is possible that there may be life on any one of the planets.The NASA scientists are also trying their best to find extra terrestrial life by using big  radio telesscope....

Free floating planets found

earth like planet
earth like planet | Source
alien | Source
new star with many planets
new star with many planets | Source
vobbley planet found
vobbley planet found | Source


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