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What would happen if the world flipped its axis making North...South and South...North?

Updated on March 10, 2016

As Asked by Dave Mathews

So fellow Hubber Dave Mathews wants to know what would happen if the Earth literally turned upside down? I'm not a scientist or any kind of genius, however, I think I can come up with an explanation.

Naturally some of us would suffer from motion sickness and dizziness. After all, flipping upside down is one hell of a ride! Just like the roller coasters at the park, some people would be prone to vomiting. All loose items in your pockets would fall out. Plus we would see first hand why pregnant women aren't allowed on the rides.

I imagine that once we became orientated to our new position, we will discover our troubles are only beginning. Like water being thrown into a container, our oceans, rivers and lakes will be seeking new boundaries in the upside down world. This might possibly be the end of your neighborhood should a large body of water want to claim it. Rivers may reverse direction.

Of course the opposite can happen too. Rivers and oceans may go dry. Fish may be flopping on dry land for miles. Even that annoying wet spot at the end of the driveway, may disappear.

Depending on the force of the flip, I imagine a lot of trees, bushes, and plants will be ripped from the soil. Yes, your garden will be weed free, but your crop will be gone also. Food crops may be so damaged that food becomes scarce. We will have to rely on our hunter and gather skills, like our early ancestors.

Speaking of ancestors, we will most likely be moving into caves again. Our buildings should all be damaged. As far as I know no one is instituting Axis Flip building codes. Naturally these caves are already decorated with the finest art available.

The biggest problem will most likely be the change in weather. Cold climates may become hot. Hot may turn cold. You know, like when the water lines at the sink are reversed. That winter coat you have may be worth thousands to someone by the equator. Too bad Ebay is destroyed. Then again money isn't going to be worth anything in this new environment?

Tornadoes, Hurricanes and maybe some weather events we haven't even seen yet, may create havoc in the upside down world. Frankly I'd be upset if I survived the flipping only to be sucked away by a tornado.

I imagine that once things settled down, we would have to start renaming things. North Korea would have to become South Korea, because it's on the bottom now. North, South Carolina would swap names. I question if little West Virgina would still be west? Does it change names with Virgina or do we call it East Virgina. California would be the east coast. New Jersey the west. Time zones would have to change. North Pole, South Pole, everything would have to change.

After all the renaming, do we rewrite history? If it's the South pole now and not the North, can we say Robert Peary discovered it? Manifest Destiny has us going east. The South wins the Civil war because the North is now South. Our future children will need therapy to understand our History.

Of course there are thousands of other things that could happen.I could've done this the labor intensive way and researched it, but why bother? If the Earth flips, this article vanishes into cyberspace until man can recreate the internet.

Mr Mathews, I hope this answers your question. If not I apologize and suggest you just Google the question. Google knows everything.


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    • profile image

      zampano 7 years ago

      You forgot to mention the vampires and the warewolves going around completely disoriented...