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Ancient Technology of Sri Lanka

Updated on March 19, 2013

spinning cotton

Kuweni was spinning cotton
Kuweni was spinning cotton

Begins of history

By reading this hub you will be able to gather information about the techniques adopted by the people of ancient Sri Lanka to get their basic needs fulfilled easily.

There is evidence to show that even prior to the establishment of settlements in Sri lanka By the Aryans in the sixth century B.C there lived a people who used simple implements and technical devices.It is mentioned in Mahavasama that the aryans led by Princes vijaya who established settlements after landing in Sri Lanka met Kuveni who spinning cotton.

Archaeological excavation undertaken at places such as Padiyagampola , Pahiyangala , Belilena and Gurugalhinna reveal that the pre-Historic man who is regarded as living here even before the arrival of Vijaya and his followers used stone implements and simple tools in their day to day activities.

moreover , it is inferred that the humans at that times used yams fruits and various kind of cereals as a food. According to the finding gathered from the excavation at Belilena near Ginigathhena , there is evidence that certain kind of cereals were also taken as food. They would have obtained water required for there day to day activities from natural streams and brooks.With the passage of time they may have accustomed themselves with the method of farming too.It is believed that the humans at the time also used simple tools for agriculture.

The aryans who arrived here established their first settlements in the river valleys in the north western and south eastern areas of island.At first they utilized rainwater and water from rivers for their agriculture activities.

According to the information found in historical sources , the terms 'ayo' and 'ayas' confirm that the aryans were familiar with the use of iron. The manufacture of the plough and using it for agriculture and the manufacture of kattys and mammoties with iron and making use of them , further confirm this with the passage of time people in the aryans settlements started facing problems with regard to the pursuit of agriculture . Some of those problems are listed below.

  • Inadequacy of river water alone for agriculture activities.
  • Availability of rain water are limited period of the year.
  • The Need of increase food production with the increase in population.
  • Uncertainty of rainfall.

It is clear from various activities followed with regards to irrigation works at the time that the people made use of there technical knowledge in the solution of these problems.


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