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Being Here ~ The Importance of Blooming Right Where You Are Planted

Updated on January 22, 2013


Blooming where you are planted,

is so important yet easily forgotten. Up until a few moments ago, I was working on processing images, and the one you see just left was in front of me. There was a gnawing feeling to move on, to leave the work unfinished. A deeply rooted need in me to be distracted, many interests pulling me away. Stopping for a moment, I thought about the photo, it was perfect for what was happening to me. Or, more accurately, the actions I was faced with choosing.

In fact, the only reason I was sitting here

trying to improve on this image is because I had used half measures when I originally processed and keyworded the photo. Once again, in a rush to get to the next thing, so I could hurry and do that half way too! This occurrence in me has inspired a new inquiry about a seemingly almost universal human trait.

See Jenna Cardwell in Higher Resolution here.

Poll Module on Presence

Christen Stoddard adjusting her focus
Christen Stoddard adjusting her focus

Does your mind wander causing you to move away from tasks or people sometimes?

See results
Megan Kumakura bored with this task
Megan Kumakura bored with this task

Bloom lens continues

Just like that,

the feeling is hitting me again. "Why was I wanting to write a lens on this?" a voice asks from somewhere deep inside. And, I'll answer it, or maybe ask a question, "what would you rather be doing?" no answer comes, I already know what activity I'm engaged in rarely matters regarding my capacity to focus until finished. I should resist the urge to name this behavior, especially using a medical term that indicates something is broken. I don't think anything is wrong, but I do know that focus applied over time can create wonderful accomplishment. It starts by being fully & happily committed to being where you are, after all, you won't really be here for long.

Hands Holding Plant
Hands Holding Plant

So What Does This Mean?

Well, let's use the picture for an example should the plant just up and die because it has only a few square inches of soil? It could, and that's it, game over, or it could continue on faith believing that the hands will soon return it to a full pot of soil. How about the woman who is holding it? How does she bloom where planted? She could use the same logic as the plant assuming it would now die anyway and be distracted from holding it for the photo, then surely not committing to taking the steps needed to continue it's life. Clearly a willingness to follow through and an honor, or reverence for all things could guide us here.

Megan Kumakura Playing a Pizza Delivery Person
Megan Kumakura Playing a Pizza Delivery Person

10 Things That Create a Beautiful Bloom!

1: Smiling Big and Bright!

2: Self Care

3: Presence to people who appear

4: Lot's of Water

5: Acceptance for what currently is so

6:: Commit for the season

7: Creating beauty in your surroundings

8:: An Abundant Spirit

9: Create a sense of self not attached to circumstances

10: Be in love with what show's up

Click on Picture for more Images
Click on Picture for more Images

10 Things That Are Not Blooming Where You Are Planted

1: Anger

2: Gossip about how wrong people or the situation is

3: Half Measures

4: Habitual Laziness

5: Disrespectful

6: Inability to work with a team or follow direction

7: Lack of Self Care

8: Dishonor

9: No forward growth, staying stuck

10: Habitual escapism

Take care of what you have where you are, or no more can get in

One of my first jobs was delivering pizza for a family owned shop. Every once in a while, I order pizza at home and I often think of those days when the driver shows up. How would I feel about doing that job today 30 plus years later? Could I commit to it? Would the pay be enough? Would it stimulate me? Could I give that 100% and be the best delivery person possible for me regardless of where I've been since last doing it? If not, why not? Why then and not now? And can I afford not to?

Bloom Baby Bloom!

Skylar Lecy blooming in a not so warm tub of water.
Skylar Lecy blooming in a not so warm tub of water.

So, I invite you, drop all the judgments and excuses, whatever it is, give it your love, give it your excitement, make a commitment to leave it better than you found it. Then just do that and see what you attract!

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