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Best of the 70's

Updated on November 29, 2021
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I'm Ramona. I enjoy writing Articles about the things I have researched and experimented with. Hoping to help others.

The Best of the 70's as I remember

What do you remember about the 70's? Was that decade good for you? Just seemed like life was more simple then. I know we didn't have microwaves, cell phones and Wii games. But , we had our MUSIC.

For every occasion we had a song. The songs were so Fresh and Clean. The artists weren't allowed to use any fowl or vulgar language in their songs. If they did that song would have gotten banned.

Neighbors were friends, they would keep other neighbor kids in check if they got out of hand. Cartoons were Funny and we only had a few stations on T.V. Going to movies was a special treat. Long hair and Hiphuggers were in.

These are some of the things I miss. In this Lens I want to try to bring back memories for some of you that are "Old School" like me, and hopefully it will bring you joy.

What was Minimum Wage back then?

Are you ready for this? Here is a list of how much minimum wage was in the 70's

1970 = $1.45

1971 = $1.60

1974 = $2.00

1975 = $2.10

1976 = $2.30

1978 = $2.65

1979 = $2.90

Can you imagine making that much an hour now a day's?

Remember this Hairdo?

70's Hairstyles were cool!

Yes, non other than the Fantastic hairstyle from the beautiful "Farrah Fawcett". Of course, this is not her.

We all loved this style just as we loved Farrah. No matter how hard I tried I could just never get it right. She just had that fabulous hair that fell naturally. I had to work hard on mine as you can see. I have tons of hairspray just to keep that roll to stay put!

The clothes we wore back then

The clothes we wore back then are in style again right now! How great is that?

The Bell Bottom Hiphuggers pants were my favorite with the High Stack shoes. Oh, let's not forget about the Hip Belts. The bigger the belt the better. Halter tops were cute and sassy. I've never outgrown loving the bell bottoms. I think I'm stuck in the 70's because still to this day I wear them!

Mini Skirt

First we went through the Mini Skirt faze. Well, that actually never died out. I think we ladies will for ever wear the Mini Skirt. As long as we can anyway. Most of us even Cut our Jeans and made the mini skirt's ourselves. Showing a little corner from the inside pocket was sassy.That's what made them so great.

Who didn't wear platform shoes?

If you didn't wear platform shoes, then I am very surprised! Every one had at least one pair. Can I get a "Whoohoohoo Honey"!!!

We can never forget the "Peace Symbol"

The Symbol that made the 70's was of course the "Peace Symbol". We had that plastard on just about everything. Don't you remember? Hey, some of us even drew it on our Foreheads! Me for one. With my two long pick tails and that headband.

Far Out!

Some our 70's Slang Language to remember

The biggest Slang word in our time was "Far Out, Man" and if we weren't saying that we said " Cool" or "Peace"

Example of one of our 70's slang talking junk :

What it is, what it is!! Far out man. That chic is a Brick house.Can you dig it? Where'd you get those cool shoes from, man?

Catch you on the flip side, cause I gotta keep on truckin, Peace.

I loved the Night Life that was when we came "ALIVE"!!

Who could forget Anita Ward with "Ring my Bell" and that sexy voice of none other than "Barry White" he could put any couple back together after an argument.

How about " Stayin Alive" with those cute Bee-Gees.

Do you miss the 70"s?

Do you miss the 70's?

See results

The all to cool Hippie Van

Now which one of us had one of these, or at least drove in one? Please leave your remark in my Comments section.

T.V. Shows in the 70's


Happy Days


The Brady Bunch

70's Disco Artists

Just to name a few

Some of the Top 70's music Artists;

Gloria Gayner

Earth Wind and Fire

Sister Sledge

Barry White

KC and the Sunshine Band

Donna Summers

Elton John

Rod Stewart

Silver Convention- Fly Robin Fly


What is a Discotheque? Clubs with recorded music of the 70's played by a Disc Jockey and we partied all night long.

We practicaly lived in the Disco's.

Thanks for Stopping by!


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2010 Ramona


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