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Bigfoot in PA?

Updated on February 9, 2012
(Image by nicolas_gent)
(Image by nicolas_gent)

The Jacobs Photos

On September 16, 2007, two pictures of an unidentified creature were taken in Allegheny National Forest in Northwest Pennsylvania (115 miles Northeast of Pittsburgh). The pictures, taken on an automatic trail camera set up by Rick Jacobs for the purpose of documenting deer in the area in preparation for hunting season, ended up documenting something quite different. The creature photographed appears like nothing known to exist in North American forest, resembling not a bear, deer, dog, or human. In fact the appearance is much more similar to that of an ape. Could this be a PA Bigfoot? There have been over 90 reported sightings of Bigfoot in PA... Could this be the first time the elusive creature has been photographed? Whatever it is, it has been dubbed the Jacobs Creature.

Watch the video below to see the pictures. It shows the two photos taken of the creature and one taken earlier in the night of two bear cubs passing by to give a comparison.

Why it is not a bear

Just from comparing the photo of the bear cub with the other two photos we can clearly see that the anatomy is different. The spot in the middle where the animals have stopped contains aromatic deer attractant mix -- in the photo where the creature is bending down it is doing so to smell the mixture.

From this photo it is obvious that it's limb ratio is distinctly different than a bear's. The argument has been made that the figure is nothing more than a mangy bear. However, analysts claim that the proportions of the creature are very different from both a healthy bear and a mangy bear. The video below shows the comparison:

Another point to be made is that bears do not bend down to smell the ground in the way that the creature does in the photo. Bears bend down in a very similar way to how dogs bend down to sniff, and do not press their ear to the ground as the creature appears to be doing. Apes on the other hand, do bend in exactly the same posture.

However, with just two pictures of this unidentified creature it is difficult to come to any sound conclusion of what exactly it may be. Although many people are set on their belief that this indeed is a young Bigfoot (unclassified primate), it still brings up the question: If Bigfoot really exists, then why havn't we seen any more of him than shaky low-quality video clips and grainy photos?


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    • profile image

      Chris Wagner 4 years ago

      Anyone who looks at that picture and thinks that is a bear is a total idiot. Apparently the skeletal anatomony of mammels was never studied by anyone in the pa game commission. How they can release a statement claiming that picture is a bear is just totally moronic..

    • profile image

      hawaiianodysseus 5 years ago

      Fascinating topic...and you did a great job of presenting it in an informative and novel way.

      In Hawaiian lore, there is much ado about the menehune, a leprechaun-like race of people, who were credited with the crude yet effective "civil engineering" of ditches and ponds for the purpose of facilitating agricultural endeavors. Like Bigfoot, the menehune are evasive and have never been seen.

      Before I leave this earth, I would love to see one of these legendary creatures...I just don't want to leave this earth as a result of having seen one. : )

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Absolutely an unidentified primate. And the way it was scenting tells us perhaps one reason why its difficult to capture a lot of pics or vids on these creatures. Not only are they very intelligent and crafty but their senses are to such a high degree they can pick up the very slightest trace of humans, even more so than many other fauna. The fact that this appears to be a juvenile re-enforces that supposition as it would still be learning or inexperienced in that way and thus get caught by the trail cam. Good article Shannahan.

    • Michael J Rapp profile image

      Michael J Rapp 5 years ago from United States

      Interesting stuff. It sure looks like it could be a primate of some kind. Looks like a chimp, sort of. Very strange. Thanks for sharing!