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How to Build-up your Vocabulary - Vocabulary Building Approaches

Updated on October 24, 2012
Learning vocabulary
Learning vocabulary | Source

Vocabulary building habit

Habits can be broken and can be created. It needs tireless approach and self commitment. To know more about vocabulary in any language , you must be prepared for that. Such as writing down what you need to achieve by building up vocabulary. And start 21 days test, by day today remembering the requirement and aim for building up the vocabulary. This is first in doing anything meaningfully.

Secondly, choose the time for your habit building. It may be a particular day or particular time in a day. But repeat the same day in other weeks or repeat the exercise same time in other day. This will assist you to regulate the work up for your vocabulary building habit. Besides you must be knowing how to do.


Vocabulary building is day to day approach. The following ten steps will help you building up the vocabulary in any language. If you come across 6000 words in any language , you are regarded as a scholar or you can try to writing or preparing for speeches.

1. Do choose the simple words and regularise in usage.

2. Join the group of like minded people to practise the words.

3. Committ yourselves, one day with few words. not too many. you know the proverb. little drops of water makes the mighty ocean. same way even three words perday will build up your vocabulary by approx 1000words per year.

4. Start reading the books with rich content .

5. Start listening speeches from scholars.

6. watching movies and other dramas for day to day colloquial and easy to use simple words vocabulary.

7. practise everyday without shame.

8. know the meaning , before start using the words.

9. Record and replay for pronunciation.

10. Sucess is yours when you put your efforts.

How to Learn Vocabulary Fast


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    • Taleb80 profile image

      Taleb AlDris 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing these tips.

      I liked this proverb "little drops of water makes the mighty ocean."

      I voted Up & Useful

    • Veronica Allen profile image

      Veronica Allen 8 years ago from Georgia

      Very simplistic yet highly effective. I'm trying to learn spanish, and I've found a lot of the tips you offered to be very worthwhile.

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 8 years ago

      Thank u weboword for the comments.

    • profile image

      WeboWord 8 years ago

      Quite agree with the points you've made and we are ourselves a strong believer that a powerful vocabulary is capable of changing one's life.

      We add a new dimension to learning and remembering words with our visual creations. People can signup to receive the same in their mailboxes and we encourage individuals to create their own sentences in order to strengthen their vocabulary.

      Look forward to having you with us @ :)

    • sarovai profile image

      sarovai 8 years ago

      Thank u peggy w for your comments. It is true slow and steady instead of hurring up.

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 8 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Like you said, from a few drops is created a mighty ocean. Look up new words and commit them to memory. A slow steady approach will ultimately result in a great vocabulary.